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Intrinsic relationship between energy consumption, pressure, and leakage in water distribution systems

Vali Ghorbanian, Bryan Karney, Yiping Guo
2016 Figshare  
The basic implications of changes in delivery pressure on system energy use and cost, on leakage, excess pressure, and environmental impacts are explored. An analytical expression is first developed to characterize the primary relationships between energy use, leakage and pressure for a simple pipe segment. Then, two more realistic case studies, based on varying versions of the Anytown network, are considered. The results indicate that energy use responds more to changes in the delivery
more » ... he delivery pressure in systems with higher leakage rates while reductions in pressures curtail energy use and leakage more dramatically in low resistance systems. Perhaps more surprisingly, systems with more effective water storage and thus uniform pressures tend to have higher leakage rates, greater energy usage, and higher GHG emissions relative to systems relying on direct pumping. The generalization that results from these studies is perhaps predictable but has profound implications: the higher the delivery pressure the greater will likely be the amount of water wasted and energy dissipated.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.3805497.v1 fatcat:fjuj3dhkwrhwtc4c5j2agn7t4a