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Physiological chemistry

1904 Journal of the Chemical Society Abstracts  
Amer. J, Physiol., 1904, 12, 241--275).-The experiments mere made on the eggs of the turtle and of Fundulus, and were carried out in relation to the work of others on the influence of electrolytes and ions on development. A difference of electrical potential occurs, which increases as development progresses, between the animal and vegetative poles of the eggs. The 3.M.F. so generated undergo periodic variations during the phases of segmentation, and are doubtless related to the unstable
more » ... he unstable equilibrium of chromatin and other substances, The alterations and interactions of ions and their associated energies are accompaniments of the physical and chemical changes in the egg, and give expression to their tension action in the form of astral and spindle radiations.
doi:10.1039/ca9048605826 fatcat:vpkzqzq5x5fqfho4soert7asvq