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1889 American Naturalist  
Entomology. 45 r the chimpanzee the head is thickly clothed with hair, the face is flesh-colored, and the ears are smaller. Both these animals (which are in the London Zoological Garden) are carnivorous, catching and eating sparrows and pigeons. It is stated that this is never done by the chimpanzee. Dr. Sclater provisionally refers these animals to the Anthro5popithecus calves of Du Chaillu. ZOOLOGICAL NEWS.-CCELENTERATA.-Dr. H. V. Wilson records (J. H. U. Circ., No. 70) that in Cereactis
more » ... t in Cereactis bahamensis the mouth occasionally grows together in the middle, leaving oval and anal openings at the ends. He also found a single larva of Manicina areolata, which exhibited the same peculiarity. In this connection reference is made to Sedgwick's celebrated paper on Metameric Segmentation. In the same place Prof. J. P. McMurrich gives a list of the Actinaria of New Providence, enumerating fourteen species, of which Cereactis bahamensis, Bunodes teniatus, Aulactinia stelloides, and Gemmaria isolata are new. The fact is also recorded that Aulactinid stelloides passes through an Edwardsia stage when eight nusenteries are present and the longitudinal muscles are arranged as in that genus. 1889.] Entomology. 45 r Ithaca, N. Y., to whom communications, books for notice, etc., should be sent. 2 journ. Linn. Soc. Lond., xx., (i888) pp. 118.36. i889.
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