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Feto-maternal bleeding following coelocentesis

G. Makrydimas, D. Lolis, I. Georgiou, I. Navrozoglou, K. H. Nicolaides
1997 Human Reproduction  
used to determine the possible significance of differences in AFP coelocentesis was examined in 17 singleton pregnancies at concentration between samples obtained before and after coelo-6-11 weeks of gestation by measuring maternal serum centesis. concentration of alpha fetoprotein (AFP) before and 1 and 10 min after the procedure. There was no significant difference between the maternal serum AFP concentration Results before coelocentesis (median 7.5, range 4. 5-21.5 IU) com- The median
more » ... - The median gestation at coelocentesis was 8 weeks (range 6pared to the values at 1 min (median 8.6, range 3.9-17.8; 11), and coelomic fluid was successfully aspirated in all cases Z ⍧ -0.504, P ⍧ 0.614), and 10 min (median 7.5, range with a median volume of 1.6 ml (range 0.5-3.0). The median 5.7-20.6; Z ⍧ -0.432, P ⍧ 0.666) after the procedure. AFP concentration before coelocentesis was 7.5 (range 4.5-These findings demonstrate that coelocentesis is not associ-21.5 IU) and this increased significantly with fetal crownated with significant feto-maternal haemorrhage. rump length. There was no significant difference between the Key words: α-fetoprotein/coelocentesis/feto-maternal bleed-AFP concentration before coelocentesis compared to the values ing/first trimester at 1 min (median 8.6, range 3.9-17.8; Z ϭ -0.504, P ϭ 0.614), and 10 min (median 7.5, range 5.7-20.6; Z ϭ -0.432, P ϭ 0.666) after the procedure (Table I, Figure 1 ).
doi:10.1093/humrep/12.4.845 pmid:9159454 fatcat:6nduak2jcjdznn3wlopycmurde