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Proceedings of the Chemical Society, Vol. 7, No. 97

1891 Proceedings of the Chemical Society London  
Chair. Certificates were read for the first time in favour of RIessrs. Edward Brown. 32, Courlandsky S t~e e t , St. Petersberg ; Ernest A. Congdon, Lehigh University, St. Bethlehem, U.S. ; W. Porter Draper 1, Ceal Villas, Ccal Road, Enfield ; Thomas Mitchell, c/o 31. &Iitcliell, Crossmount" Bridgend, N. I3. ; €3. J . Marston Mousley, I h g s b u r y ,
doi:10.1039/pl8910700075 fatcat:m3wlvujbufa7bpzfefrrbkxoqy