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Recent Literature Radium and Other Radio-Active Substances; Polonium, Actinium and Thorium, with a Consideration of Phosphorescent and Fluorescent Substances, the Properties and Applications of Selenium and the Treatment of Disease by the Ultra-Violet Light . By William J. Hammer, Consulting Electrical Engineer. Illustrated. New York: D. Van Nostrand Company. 1903

1903 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
would describe eases that he had seen, and show instruments that he uses, and draw a better picture of some diseases than of others, also with so little room, subjects of more or less importance would be omitted. Viewed from this standpoint, the book is good. The description of diseases is clear, and the choice of treatment,
doi:10.1056/nejm190311191492111 fatcat:i5bqklgvnfaarhwqupq55op6bi