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Biogeochemical decoupling: how, where and when? [post]

Miguel Alvarez-Cobelas, Salvador Sánchez-Carrillo, Carmen Rojo
2018 unpublished
Research has dealt with coupling of chemical element cycles and feedback in recent years. Sometimes, this biogeochemical coupling is reversed through abiotic or biotic (including man-made) processes. It is then called biogeochemical decoupling and is a disconnection between two chemical elements whereby transformations of one affect cycling of the other, and results in asynchronical behavior of chemical elements. It appears to be more important and widespread than earlier reports suggest, and
more » ... orts suggest, and gives rise to important changes in element stoichiometry of resources. These changes in turn modify organismal stoichiometry that, if great enough, can affect biodiversity and food webs, thus altering community structure and function. Biogeochemical decoupling then impinges on ecosystem dynamics and may impair ecosystem services.
doi:10.7287/peerj.preprints.26478 fatcat:p7bybfw2nvgvthhjsbyw7jnc44