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1871 Canadian Entomologist  
Since the appearance ofa paper in the Nlayand June, r9o3, numbers of the caNaoraw EN'ouor-ocrsr, the rvriter has received for siudy either eggs or larvre ofseveral species of Ay'antesis, inforrnation as to the earlier stages of each of rvhich was limited. I'he past three seasons in canada have not bee' rema.rkabre as to the abundance of rnaterial to colrect, and Arctians, like many other kinds of moths, have been verv scarce. Con_ sequently not as mary species ha'e been received for study as
more » ... ved for study as had been hoped. Vrnco.-33r eggs of this species r.vere kindly forrvarded in r9o3 by Miss Caroline G. Soule. Ihey lvere laid at Brandor.r, Vt., on July'rij, "o and 25, and hatclred on August 5, 6, 7 and E. .l.he eggs of airgo a,e the same in appearance as those of other motits of the genus, but are larger, tneasuring in rvicith at the base o.g mn., ancl in height o.g mm.; in shape semi-ovate. As notes were taken on the larval stages, these arepresented herewith. Slage l-I-ength when hatched 2.5 mm. (joloLrr at first sordid white, after feeding pale greenish. Head o4 mn.l. wide, dark brown. excepllng clypeus, mouth-parts and space above ocelli, all of rvhich are pale' Thoracic shield brackish. Tubercles shi'y, blackislr, i about one fifth the size of ii, which is the largest; iii nearly sanre size as ii, others smaller than iii ; ii, iii and iv encircred with brotches of pale orange. Bristles faintiy barbed, black from i, ii and iii, sirvery from other tLrbercles. ventral surface paie. AII the feet dull blackish ; thoracic feet rather transl rrcerr t. Stuge ft.-Lengtb just afrer moulting 4 mm, Head o.6 mm. rvide, blackish' Bociy after feeding derk sea green. ,\ 1,nls brrrish dorsal stripe is present in this stage. T'ubercles black, conspicuous, shiny, each bearing a bunch of bristles of varying lengths ; dorsaL bristles black, s.bventral ones silvery, The tubercles are surrourded or encircled u,ith brotches. as
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