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Microbiological Profile of Ocular Infections: In Reference to their Resistance and Biofilm Formation

Ms. Mayuri B. Lathewala
2019 International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology  
The eye and its associated structures are distinctive predisposed to infection by the various microorganisms. External & internal infections can lead to visual impairments, which is a major public health problem. Bacteria are the most frequent pathogens affecting ocular Structures; the increasing rate of antimicrobial drug resistance is a worldwide concern. The prevalence and severity of infection depends on the site of infection and type of infectious agents. The present study was aimed to
more » ... dy was aimed to determine the incidences of bacterial and fungal ocular infections and to assess the antibiotic susceptibility pattern of these etiological agents. Clinical samples were collected from various hospitals/clinics of Surat since December 2018. From total collected clinical samples 87% of samples produced positivity. Many of them were polymicrobial. From positive cases, associated pathogens were isolated and identified based on standard microbiology procedures and predominance of Gram Positive Cocci 38 (51.35%) were observed, followed gram negative short rods 26 (35.13%) and 10 (13.51%) cases of fungal infections. Isolates were further tested for their antibiotic susceptibility patterns against commonly used antimicrobials. Association between type of infections and etiological agents was also studied. Bacterial & Fungal isolates were predominantly isolated from all the Ocular cases includes Conjunctivitis, Corneal Ulcer, Keratitis, Blepharitis, Dacryocystitis, Scleritis and Endophthalmitis but higher cases of fungal infections were observed in corneal ulcer. Conjunctivitis was the dominant ophthalmic disease followed by corneal ulcer. Early access to clinical and microbiological diagnosis with appropriate treatment can prevent the ocular morbidity and mortality.
doi:10.22214/ijraset.2019.4230 fatcat:omzrmfzfobhyvmn6ra3bmob2ui