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Experimental Study on the Performance of Oxidative Dry Reforming from Simulated Biogas

Ming-Pin Lai, Wei-Hsiang Lai, Rong-Fang Horng, Chen-Yu Chen, Wei-Cheng Chiu, Siou-Sheng Su, You-Ming Chang
2012 Energy Procedia  
This study was to investigate the CO 2 reforming under isothermal condition. The fuel conversion efficiency and hydrogen-rich gas production were enhanced via the oxidative dry reforming (ODR) from simulated biogas (50%-CH 4 +50%-CO 2 ). This paper covers two subjects. The first was to investigate the CO 2 conversion characteristics under various feeding molar ratios (e.g. H 2 /CO 2 and O 2 /CH 4 molar ratio ). In the second, the whole performance index of the reformer was investigated. The
more » ... vestigated. The experimental results demonstrate that the CO 2 reduction capacity of methane is superior to that of hydrogen. This effect is clearer under higher reaction temperatures. The ODR reaction experiment results indicate that adding appropriate amounts of oxidants can increases the methane conversion and reforming efficiency. But, the excessive oxidizes could be reduce the CO 2 conversion efficiency. Additionally, at high DR/ODR reaction temperatures, reverse water-gas shifting (RWGS) side reactions become signification, which can reduce CO 2 to CO efficiently, thereby improving the CO 2 conversion efficiency. Overall, the optimal methane conversion efficiency can reach 100% in ODR reaction (O 2 /CH 4 molar ratio=0.5). The CO 2 conversion efficiency is based on DR reactions (CO 2 /CH 4 molar ratio=1) reaching between 57% and 95%.
doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2012.09.028 fatcat:ykfc66x2c5hozj53lxs3zdnwcu