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Effect of of Lime andTannin Dosage Against Productivity ofSapofNatural and Planted Nypa Palm

Setia Budi, Arief RM Akbar, Joko Purnomo, Susi Susi, Hisyam Musthafa Al Hakim
2017 IOSR Journal of Environmental Science Toxicology and Food Technology  
Research conducted by Akbar et all., (2015) showed that in general the Nypa Palmsap productivity remains low, whereas the required amount of sap relatively enough to produce the amount of brown sugar made many of them to be economical, there is no research about this, so research on productivity was needed. The research object is the population of Nypa Palm trees planted (J 1 ) and a population of Nypa Palm trees that grow naturally (J 2 ). In both populations tree fruit bunches is done wobble
more » ... hes is done wobble technique for tapping sap. The sap generated from both the tree population accommodated in containers that have been given treatment in the form of a mixture of lime and tannin (from jackfruit terrace), which is then measured to determine the sap productivity.The results showed that the average number of Nypa Palm sap obtained from measurements of the second week until the eighth week of each is 5, 663 ml, 4,730 ml, 5,063 ml, 4,473 ml, 4,937 ml, 4,960 ml and 4,717 ml per stem per day. Dosage of a mixture of lime and tannin did not significantly affect the productivity of sap, but the type of Nypa Palm (naturalNypa Palm and plantedNypa Palm) has significant effect in which productivity of sap ofnatural Nypa Palm higher than the Nypa Palmsap of planted Nypa Palm with each value was 1,192.8 ml and 618.95 ml per stem per day.
doi:10.9790/2402-1105011722 fatcat:b5nwysowujfunehicubfk6bdty