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TRITEX. A ferritic steel loop with Pb-15.8Li facility and operation [report]

H. Feuerstein, S. Horn, G. Kieser
TRITEX was a pumped loop with Pb-15.8Li, fabricated from steel1.4922. In contact with the molten eutectic were also molybdenum, vanadium and armco-iron. The loop was originally designed to investigate tritium extraction using solid getter metals. Over the years the goal changed to the study of metals, corrosion products and purification of the eutectic mixture. Therefore many modifications were done. The first part of this report describes TRITEX. All parts were enclosed in thermoboxes for a
more » ... hermoboxes for a homogeneous temperature. One test section was in an argon glove box and could be opened during operation. Other special equipment's were : permeation membranes and liquid-metalcovergas-interfaces to study the transport of H 2 , D 2 and 3 H, different purification devices, a quartz observation window to see the liquid metal surface, 4 different kinds of fl.ow measurements, level indicators, freeze valves. The second part describes loop operation. Between 1989 and 1996, the eutectic mixture was circulation for 13.003 hours in seven experimental phases. Temperatures in the main loop were mostly between 400 and 480°C, fl.ow rates up to 2.8 1/min. The cold trapby-passwas operated between 240 and 270°C. Depending on goals for an experiment, parts of the loop were modified. Afterphase V and VII TRITEX was dismantled and all parts analyzed for impurities and deposits. A third part shows photos of the facility and components. In the literature usually Pb-17Li is written. However the eutectic mixture contains only 15.8 at.% lithium. References 52 1 * Used only at low temperature.
doi:10.5445/ir/270045610 fatcat:yplmthkhujfjjfd46ophhjhmlm