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Estimated viscosity, surface tension, and density of liquid DT from the triple point to 25 K [report]

C.K. Briggs, R.G. Hickman, R.T. Tsugawa, P.C. Souers
1975 unpublished
The literature data for the saturated viscosity, liquid-vapor surface tension, and density of liquid hydrogen is reviewed for the temperature range 14-25 K. Extrapolations are made to estimate the corresponding values for DT and Tj. Solution mixing data is considered to estimate values for the solution eD2-DT-eT2-Estimated values at the 1:1 D-T triple point at 19.75 K are: viscosity, 550 X I0~7 Pa's; sur face tension, 4.23 X I0" 3 N/m: and density, 225 kg/m 3 . These derived values are used to
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doi:10.2172/4193833 fatcat:hufkdmkuwvf7vfot2mxgpaetyq