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Antipoverty Measures: The Potential for Shaming and Dignity Building through Delivery Interactions

Erika Gubrium, Sony Pellissery
2016 The International Journal of Social Quality  
The special issue focuses on the impact of antipoverty measures-accounting for social and structural dimensions in the poverty experience and moving beyond an income-only focus-in five country cases: China, India, Norway, Uganda, and the United States. Particularly, we focus on the implications of shame in the delivery of antipoverty measures, as an individual and social phenomenon that relates to feelings of self-inadequacy, as well to a lack of dignity and recognition. We analyze delivery
more » ... nalyze delivery interactions through an analytic framework of rights, discretion and negotiation, as this enables us to parse out how policy delivery interactions presumed or enabled individual choice, ability, control, and voice. We suggest social citizenship can structure the relationships between welfare recipients and administrators. As a concept, it expands the objects of social rights beyond the materiality of human life (e.g., housing, pensions) to include intangible processual elements (e.g., dignity) in the construct of rights.
doi:10.3167/ijsq.2016.060202 fatcat:eh363qm7qvhkxn6lrcww3t5deq