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Observation of asymmetric Stark profiles from plasmas created by a picosecond KrF laser [report]

C.H. Nam, W. Tighe, S. Suckewer, J.F. Seely, U. Feldman, L.A. Woltz
1987 unpublished
High-resolution extreme ultraviolet (XUV) spectra from solid targets irradiated by a picosecond KrF* laser focused to 10 16 W/cm 2 have been recorded. The line profiles of transitions in Li-like fluorine and oxygen are asymmetric and up to 2 A in width. Calculations indicate the presence of transitions of the type 2p-3p and other forbidden Stark components. DISCLAIMER
doi:10.2172/5924670 fatcat:dwi7uwbwzfbv7klcfec7nyxuym