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Manipulation of Rumen Fermentation and Microbial Diversity for Live-Weight Gains of Sheep as Influenced by Ginger Powder and Lime Peel

M. I. Okoruwa, E. O. Aidelomon
2020 European Journal of Biology and Biotechnology  
The study was conducted to determine the influence of ginger powder and lime peel on manipulation of rumen function for live-weight gains of sheep. Twenty four West African dwarf sheep of about 8 – 9 months old with average weight of 7.00 ± 0.95kg were randomly assigned to four treatment diets in a completely randomized design. The prepared diets contained; ED1 (0% ginger powder and 0% lime peel powder that served as control group), ED2 (0% ginger powder and 3% lime peel), ED3 (1.5% ginger
more » ... 3 (1.5% ginger powder and 1.5% lime peel) and ED4 (3% ginger powder and 0% lime peel). In all the diets examined, ED1 showed higher significant (p<0.05) values in total fungi, Acetobact xylinum, Methanogens, total protozoa, Entodiniomorphs, Holotrichs, ammonia-nitrogen, total volatile fatty acids, acetate, butyrate and feed conversion ratio. However, total bacteria, Ruminococcus albus, Ruminococcus fibrisolvens, Bacillus spp, propionate, feed intake, nutrient digestibility, final and daily weight gains indicated significant (p<0.05) higher values in diet ED3 than diets ED1, ED2 and ED4. Rumen pH was significantly (p<0.05) higher in ED4 as compared with other diets. There was no significant (p>0.05) difference in Fibrobacter succinogens, iso-butyrate, valerate, iso-valerate and initial weight among diets. It can be concluded that using 1.5% ginger powder and 1.5% lime peel in the diets enhanced rumen fermentation and ecology for growth performance of sheep.
doi:10.24018/ejbio.2020.1.5.98 fatcat:cwu6zywqsvcllc2g4kny57lwtm