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Finite-element simulation of scratching on a coated brittle plate

Alexey I. Ogorodnikov
Atomistic insights on the nanoscale single grain scratching mechanism of silicon carbide ceramic based on molecular dynamics simulation AIP Advances 8, 035109 (2018) ; An improved computational constitutive model for brittle materials AIP Conference Proceedings 309, 981 (1994); Effects of surface roughness on scratch resistance and stress-strain fields during scratch tests AIP Advances 7, 035217 (2017); https://doi. Abstract.
more » ... /doi. Abstract. This paper presents finite-element simulation of scratching on a brittle plate with functional coating under force loading by a diamond tool. To calculate stresses inside the plate and under the tool tip, a numerical experiment is set up and a parametric task is formulated. The task is solved with use of the ANSYS Programming Dynamic Language. The numerical experiment includes scratching of a silicon wafer by a diamond cutting tool, ZnS as the functional coating and force loading. As a result, internal stresses under the cone tool tip are analyzed, the APDL program is verified, and this allows us to simulate not only silicon wafers, but also any other brittle materials. Scratching is considered as a special case of common cutting.
doi:10.1063/1.4967041 fatcat:m2tm7mvq2zbi5htcvqndrbxpwy