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Genetic analysis of metapopulation processes in Silene latifolia [thesis]

Peter Fields
Molecular population genetics is one of the fastest growing areas of biological research, being of central importance to understanding human history, diversity, and the potential for personalized medicine. The field uses the fact that historical processes such as change in population size, rates and pathways of migration, and natural selection, all leave distinct footprints in an organism's DNA. Modern population genetics involves a rich arsenal of statistical tools that use DNA sequence data
more » ... DNA sequence data to make inferences about the evolutionary history of organisms and the genetic basis of their traits. My dissertation focuses on identifying the importance of selective and non-selective forces at different, hierarchically nested, biological levels in spatially structured (meta-)populations. In particular, my dissertation research
doi:10.18130/v3551z fatcat:3a4waiq3ivaj5gbrthwy7bc4ma