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Развитие Человека знания в ракурсе когнитивной парадигмы

Е.Ю. Левина, Л.Ю. Мухаметзянова
The relevance of the article is caused due to the need to determine an angle of "human-forming" type of education, responsible to supply humanization in the digitalization epoch. The purpose of the article is to reveal human-oriented priorities of education in the cognitive aspect, while the learner is viewed as a Human of knowledge – a thoughtful, self-contained personality able to measure the cognitive capital of knowledge with human-oriented focus. Methodological foundation of the research
more » ... n of the research is a cognitive paradigm, based on the treatment to the methods, types and technologies of processing information by a human in order to create his own system of world cognition with the entrance to the knowledge generation. The authors reveal it in the form of thesis, which contain problem-based goal settings and their resultative interpretation: Human as a professional formation and development of the Human of knowledge in the system of higher education; teacher's value in the cognitive paradigm environment; knowledge generation – these are essential characteristics of cognitive paradigm; mechanisms of formation personified system of Human's knowledge; instrumental measure for the Human of knowledge development in the higher school. This presentation of the research results allows the reader to comprehend the main aspects of cognitive paradigm in their integral unity and logic step-forwardness.
doi:10.34772/kpj.2020.140.3.079 fatcat:qtumpeyeurcrffjq63lre543yq