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The sinking problem of humanity: a shark Fin's tale

Jacquelyne M Reuder
2018 Journal of Aquaculture & Marine Biology  
Submit Manuscript | life such as turtles, whales, and dolphins. Large nets are deployed, often for several hours, to purposely ensnare large numbers of wildlife. These large nets will catch anything from small fish like anchovies, to turtles and sharks, commonly all in the same net. Unfortunately, many sharks need to swim continually in order to survive, so by the time they are brought onboard, they have already died. Another common fishing gear is the longline,
more » ... he longline, comprised of a single fishing line equipped with hundreds of hooks, and designed to catch anything that can eat the attached bait. For sharks, this has a similar effect as the large nets, because most suffocate before they can be released. Citation: Reuder JM. The sinking problem of humanity: a shark Fin's tale.
doi:10.15406/jamb.2018.07.00187 fatcat:wfof4ea2qvhl3gsy2yqm5lcxiu