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L Elizabeth, P Nataraj, Lyla Elizabeth, L Lyla, Elizabeth, P Nataraj
2016 unpublished
Education is playing a crucial role by bringing change in the individual and understands which path to choose. Our education system rarely rewards and often deserves highest academic achievers. There is a need in Testing and marking systems to identify original contributions in the form of creativity, problem solving, etc. A lot of weight age has been given to the mathematics subject from time immemorial and it has acquired even greater value today with its linkage to diverse fields of physical
more » ... fields of physical and social science. From the very beginning, the children's education starts with both language and numerical skills. This study examined the achievement in mathematics and creativity among higher secondary students. It was administered to 768 higher secondary first year students. Differences were compared for gender and type of school. Results indicated that achievement in mathematics and creativity of higher secondary first year shows average level and both achievement in mathematics and creativity shows significant relationship and significant difference towards higher secondary students. Further it shows achievement in mathematics towards gender and type of school have significant difference and gender, aided and private, government and private shows significant difference towards creativity and aided and government do not differ significantly towards creativity of higher secondary students.