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1913 English Historical Review  
be expressed that thia dictionary will m later edition* become more eom-prehenaiYe, and at lsngth include the history, not merely of the chinch of England, but of Angtican Christianity. Maanwhile all students will be grateful for what has been already ao well accomplished. H. J. LAWLOB. TUB work ia an attempt to show to the ftngKafr reader aomething of the raal character of the wonderful compilation of St. Isidore called the Stymciogia* or Origin**. The method followed by Dr. Brehaot ia a good
more » ... Brehaot ia a good one, and he haa succeeded in Ma aim. Tba book ia divided into two parti, an introduction concerned with Iaidore'i life and writings, ha relation to prenons culture, and bia geneiml view of the universe (WtitmtcMamng), and a more detailed part, in which the Etymologise i* taken book by book. The introduction shows an adequate knowledge of Iitdore'i worka, and ta nicely written. The bulk of the aeoond part of the book conmati of tranalatkma of long exteacta from the Btymoioyiat, oarefuHy ohoaen a« the most intonating. Each aepaxate aection of the m-iginal ii provided with a fitting introduction, in order that the readtr may get the right point of view. A plan of tile work is aiao given, where the author haa not thought it neouaary to tranalate. In the preface, dated ' New York, February 1912', the anthor m^ntinrw that ' there ia no modern roftacal edition of the work to afford a reasonable certainty as to the text'. It ia one of thoae unfortunate ooincideTicea which are constantly occurring that in the previoua month auch an edition had actually been publahed by the Clarendon Preaa under the editonhip of ProJeaaor W. M. Lindaay. The present reriewei haa compared large portion of Dr. Brehaut'i translation with Professor Iindaay*i text, and has found that for the most pert little harm has been done by the uae of a less critical text. There an, howerer, paaaagea where the difference ia aerioua, and the reader ought to have Dr. Iindaa/i text before him in all oasea oi doubt. Vox example, book xx is untitled (p. 33); Xjpur, id upda(iom6w (p. 9^ dc*a not mean* disttrtctioas'; for' just as is stated therein', kc. (p. 114), nad ' u has been said (a reference to Isidore's own § 1)/ &c Errors of the press will be found on pp
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