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Growth and Development of Wheat under Sowing Date of Different Growth Stages

M Majid, D Chatterjee, A Rahman, M Rahman, M Rahman, Citation, M Majid, D Chatterjee, A Rahman, M Rahman, M Rahman
2017 Int. J. Bus. Soc. Sci. Res   unpublished
Effects of sowing dates on growth and development of wheat cultivar, " shotabdi" was investigated at Natore distract during the period from November 2009 to April 2011. The experimental treatments sowing date were three phases, viz., early sowing (18 November), mid sowing (25 November) and late (05 December) sowing. Twelve (12) growth stages were recognized from germination to maturity based on morphological observation. The twelve growth stages germination and emergence, seedling, crown root
more » ... dling, crown root initiation, tillering, jointing, shooting, booting, heading, flowering, milk, dough and ripe. Almost all the growth phases and stages except germination, emergence and seedling stages were influenced by sowing date. To get maximu m growth and development it is necessary to used of optimum sowing date, irrigation, sowing method, quality seed, basal dose of fertilizer application, weeding, etc. There was a need to increased the growth, development and yield of wheat per unit area in Bangladesh to meet the ever-increasing food requirement to the country, as the cultivable area is very limited and there is little scope to expand the area for production of wheat.