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Radiation Resistance in Radiotherapy : A Review

Kuldeepp, Ankur Kaulp, Anil Kumar Mishrap, Manisha Pokhriyalp
2016 IJISET-International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology   unpublished
Radiation resistance is a dual nature phenomena which having both beneficial and harmful effects. If we say in beneficial manner, it develops immunity against radiation which overcomes the risk of cancer. Contrariwise it causes problem during radiation therapy because it made up body resist for radiation. Radiation resistance may occur in naturally (natural climate) and some time it happen synthetically for a purpose. There are several factors which is responsible for radioresistance, here we
more » ... sistance, here we are discuss all those important factor and their possible mechanism which amenable for it. Factors like NF-KB, over expression STAT 3, TP53 mutation, PI3K pathway activation, AKT/GSK3b/CYCLIN D1/CDK4 Survival Signaling Pathway, cancer stem cells etc are responsible for radioresistance. It is gene based concepts which have a significant role for the treatment of cancer.