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1881 Scientific American  
about 16 feet deep when full, and is remarkably transparent. bats, however, hibernate in its chambers, clinging in clus-Mr. Francis M. Cummings, of Porterville, N. Y., has pat Among the numerous stalactites pendent from the roof, the ters, like swarms of bees. No fish inhabit the lake or the ented an improved cheese curd sifter and picker, made so as guide singles out the Harp, which emits musical sounds on stream, except such as have been put there by the hand of to sift out the fine curd and
more » ... the fine curd and pick the coarser or lumpy curd percussion. The lake is said to be a quarter of a mile long, man, and even these forsake these subterranean waters when into pieces, reducing the curd to the desired fineness to though its width does not exceed 40 feet at any point. The I the spring freshets give them the opportunity to do so. receive the salt evenly with very little injury to the curd sheet of water looks finely when illuminated with magnesium It should be said, in conclusion, that while Howe's Cave and loss of " white whey." or by red fire. is far surpassed by several caverns in the subcarboniferous Mr. John Menahan, of New York city, has patented a Just beyond the landing place the passage is obstructed by limestones of Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana, it is the pocketbook fastening, which is so constructed as to hold the a huge stalagmite reaching from floor to ceiling, and about largest in this country that has been excavated from the rocks pocket book securely closed. It consists in a plate having 30 feet in diameter. Climbing around its upper portion by of the Silurian period. Its attractions are very considerable, one or more holes to receive the fastening pin and flanges a narrow pass, we find ourselves on the edge of a pool that and some of them are unique and highly remarkable. The upon its side edges to receive a sliding plate having one or is apparently a continuation of the lake. It is surprisingly cave is well worth visiting, especially as it is so easily reached more holes to receive the fastening pin, and slots between deep. We sounded to the depth of 35 feet without touching from New York and the New England States. Its environs its holes to receive the neck of the fastening pin. bottom, and took Van Dyke's word for its being 60 feet deep. are picturesque, and from the piazza of tle hotel a wide and I An improved hinge for folding bedsteads has been patent As the surface of the water is only 45 feet above the level of beautiful view is commanded of the fertile valley of the, ed by Mr. Herman A. J. Rieckert, of New York city. This
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican01151881-36 fatcat:574fw3princgbkmm352pyie6oq