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Learning to select a good translation

Dan Tidhar, Uwe Küssner
2000 Proceedings of the 18th conference on Computational linguistics -   unpublished
Within tile machine translation system Verbmobil, translation is 1)ertbrmed simultaneously 1)y four indel)endent translation lnodules. The ['our competing l;ranslatiol~s are coati)|ned 1)y a se,[e('tion module so as to forln a single optimal outlmt for each intmt utterance. The selection module relies on confidence values that are delivered together with each of the alternative translations. Sin(:e the (:onfidence values are computed t)y four independent modules that are flmdanlentally
more » ... anlentally difl'erent from (me another, they are not dire(:tly (:oml)arat)le and ne, ed to l)e rescaled in order to gain (:onq)arative signiticance. In this pat)er we describe a machine lecturing method tailored to overcome this difficulty l)y using offline hmnan thedback to determine an at)prol)riate confidence res(:aling scheme. Additionally, we des(:rit)e some other sour(:es of information that are used tbr selecting 1)el;ween the comt)eting translations, and describe the way in which the seh',ction t)rocess relates to quality of service specifi('ations.
doi:10.3115/992730.992768 fatcat:r6idssr3aref3gutkpfsowjv3e