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Intensity-Field Correlation of Single-Atom Resonance Fluorescence

S. Gerber, D. Rotter, L. Slodička, J. Eschner, H. J. Carmichael, R. Blatt
2009 Physical Review Letters  
We report measurements of an intensity-field correlation function of the resonance fluorescence of a single trapped Ba+ ion. Detection of a photon prepares the atom in its ground state and we observe its subsequent evolution under interaction with a laser field of well defined phase. We record the regression of the resonance fluorescence source field. This provides a direct measurement of the field of the radiating dipole of a single atom and exhibits its strong non-classical behavior. In the
more » ... behavior. In the experimental setup an interference measurement is conditioned on a fluorescence photon detection. The third-order correlation function thus recorded demonstrates an aspect of wave-particle duality at the single-atom, single-photon level.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.102.183601 pmid:19518869 fatcat:s2ohpsqs55gkpnlop2nlhnrahi