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Simultaneous design of membership functions and rule sets for fuzzy controllers using genetic algorithms

A. Homaifar, E. McCormick
1995 IEEE transactions on fuzzy systems  
This paper examines the applicability of genetic algorithms (GA's) in the simultaneous design of membership functions and rule sets for fuzzy logic controllers. Previous work using genetic algorithms has focused on the development of rule sets or high performance membership functions; however, the interdependence between these two components suggests a simultaneous design procedure would be a more appropriate methodology. When GA's have been used to develop both, it has been done serially,
more » ... done serially, e.g., design the membership functions and then use them in the design of the rule set. This, however, means that the membership functions were optimized for the initial rule set and not the rule set designed subsequently. GA's are fully capable of creating complete fuzzy controllers given the equations of motion of the system, eliminating the need for human input in the design loop. This new method has been applied to two problems, a cart controller and a truck controller. Beyond the development of these controllers, we also examine the design of a robust controller for the cart problem and its ability to overcome faulty rules. 10634706/95$04.00 0 1995 IEEE '
doi:10.1109/91.388168 fatcat:ysom3hsunzfcxpqaoysrxoiwpa