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A Survey on Recent Methods of Finding Influential Nodes in Complex Networks

2021 International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering  
Influential nodes refer to the ability of a node to spread information in complex networks. Identifying influential nodes is an important problem in complex networks which plays a key role in many applications such as rumor controlling, virus spreading, viral market advertising, research paper views, and citations. Basic measures like degree centrality, betweenness centrality, closeness centrality are identifying influential nodes but they are incapable of largescale networks due to time
more » ... due to time complexity issues. Chen et al. [1] proposed semi-local centrality, which is reducing computation complexity and finding influential nodes in the network. Recently Yang et al. 2020 [2] proposed a novel centrality measure based on degree and clustering coefficient for identifying the influential nodes. Sanjay et al. 2020 [3] gave voterank and neighborhood coreness-based algorithms for finding the influenced nodes in the network. Zhiwei et al. 2019 [4] considered the average shortest path to discover the influenced node in the network. These are the few recent local,global and mixed centralities. In this paper, we show a broad view of recent methods for finding influential nodes in complex networks. It also analyzes the new challenges and limitations for a better understanding of each method in detail. The experimental results based on these methods show better performance compared with existing basic centrality measures.
doi:10.30534/ijatcse/2021/501022021 fatcat:p33rtylamrb2dd6mtknu7tqun4