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Pseudo-scalar Higgs boson production at threshold N $$^3$$ 3 LO and N $$^3$$ 3 LL QCD

Taushif Ahmed, M. C. Kumar, Prakash Mathews, Narayan Rana, V. Ravindran
2016 European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields  
We present the first results on the production of pseudo-scalar through gluon fusion at the LHC to N$^3$LO in QCD taking into account only soft gluon effects. We have used the effective Lagrangian that describes the coupling of pseudo-scalar with the gluons in the large top quark mass limit. We have used recently available quantities namely the three loop pseudo-scalar form factor and the third order universal soft function in QCD to achieve this. Along with the fixed order results, we also
more » ... esults, we also present the process dependent resummation coefficient for threshold resummation to N$^3$LL in QCD. Phenomenological impact of these threshold N$^3$LO corrections to pseudo-scalar production at the LHC is presented and their role to reduce the renormalisation scale dependence is demonstrated.
doi:10.1140/epjc/s10052-016-4199-1 fatcat:m5yil3qw6vhnzevzguv3ggx6ji