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CLS : ContactLess Simulator

David Navarro, Guilherme Migliato-Marega
A new simulator, ContactLess Simulator (CLS) has been developed in Visual C#. It is thus easy portable; several windows permit the user to configure the whole electronic system and to launch the simulation. It is specifically written to simulate contactless-powered smart systems, such as Near Field Communication (NFC) coupled to a microcontroller unit (MCU). More precisely, our study focuses on battery-less electronic systems: the MCU is supplied by the NFC circuit. To permit such a system to
more » ... such a system to function, energy budget has to be explored; this is the aim of this simulator. This paper describes the considered electronic system, the models, and it details a simulation example. The simulated example is composed of a ST-Microelectronics M24LR04E NFC circuit and a Microchip PIC18LF2525 microcontroller.