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Hubs As Catalysts For Geospatial Communication In Kinship Networks

Sameer Kumar, Jariah Mohd. Jan
2012 Zenodo  
Earlier studies in kinship networks have primarily focused on observing the social relationships existing between family relatives. In this study, we pre-identified hubs in the network to investigate if they could play a catalyst role in the transfer of physical information. We conducted a case study of a ceremony performed in one of the families of a small Hindu community – the Uttar Rarhi Kayasthas. Individuals (n = 168) who resided in 11 geographically dispersed regions were contacted
more » ... re contacted through our hub-based representation. We found that using this representation, over 98% of the individuals were successfully contacted within the stipulated period. The network also demonstrated a small-world property, with an average geodesic distance of 3.56.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1056692 fatcat:bo46kxezqjhyfgx5dru4jan63i