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Understanding Turn-On Transients of SiC High-Power Modules: Drain-Source Voltage Plateau Characteristics

Maosheng Zhang, Na Ren, Qing Guo, Kuang Sheng
2020 Energies  
The SiC (silicon carbide) high-power module has great potential to replace the IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) power module in high-frequency and high-power applications, due to the superior properties of fast switching and low power loss, however, when the SiC high-power module operates under inappropriate conditions, the advantages of the SiC high-power module will be probably eliminated. In this paper, four kinds of SiC high-power modules are fabricated to investigate fast switching
more » ... gate fast switching performance. The variations in characteristics of drain-source voltage at turn-on transient under the combined conditions of multiple factors are studied. A characteristic of voltage plateau is observed from the drain-source voltage waveform at turn-on transient in the experiments, and the characteristic is reproduced by simulation. The mechanism behind the voltage plateau is studied, and it is revealed that the characteristic of drain-source voltage plateau is a reflection of the miller plateau effect of gate-source voltage on drain-source voltage under the combined conditions of fast turn-on speed and low DC bus voltage, while the different values of drain-source voltage plateau are attributed to the discrepancy of structure between upper-side and lower-side in the corresponding partial path of the drain circuit loop inside the module, with the standard 62 mm package outline.
doi:10.3390/en13153802 fatcat:mtkkcjnkuzh2feyunnrhxxz6ya