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1890 Scientific American  
l�vers; but, as' soon as he has operated, the firing. is tiOll, and in a manner which is least likely to disturb effected at the moment of the passage of the piece tHat the system. It is conveyed directly to the part where controls that function, then the needles of the sliders its action is needed, and presumably in a nascent state, are brought back automatically to the plane of the two that is, a state of maximum activity. Fina lly, the lei systems of levers. The shutters are freed one after
more » ... re freed one after son, if it be due to errors of nutrition, or if, as in metal another, and the six photographs are taken. As soon lic poisoning, it be attended with paralysis, is at the as the last one is taken, a fixed piece frees the needles, same time benefited by the IStimulating action of the and the apparatus continues to revolve to no effect, as galvanic current. In the application of the method before. This, the most curious part of the mechanism, great current strength is not needed. It is cu rrent is too complicated to explain without figures; suffice density which is requisite, and the tissues under treat it to say that it solves the problem in a relatively sim-ment must be brought directly in the path between pie and absolutely sure manner. The apparatus once the poles. The electrodes may be either sponges hold regulated, the operations follow each other in the pre-ing solution of iodide of potassium or a modification scribed order without the possibility of any error oc-of Dubois' conducting tube filled with the fluid. The curring. We reproduce one of the photographs taken latter gave the best results in Munk's physiological with this apparatus and shown .at ·the exposition (Fig. experiments , and doubtless they are to be preferred 4). It represents an experiment in firing an automobile where the skin has to be penetrated. They should torpedo. As well known, this torpedo, which has the then be of large size. For the treatment of mucous form of a fish, contains, along with a charge of gun cot-surfaces an electrode may be made of a glass tube, ton, a compressed air motor, which drives a screw, and which can be filled with fluid, having a zinc wire intro thus gives the affair a movement of propulsion after duced through the bottom, and the mouth (cut to any the torpedo has entered the water. desired curve) blocked with a fine sponge. This is con-A ship sends these torpedoes in the direction of an nected, by means of the zinc wire, with one pole of a enemy's vessel by means of a tube that blows them to galvanic battery. The electrodes should be of large
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican03291890-11878csupp fatcat:cxc6oyshfrhlvbqeea3ajh3jrq