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Learner's Perceptions of Assessment and Testing in EFL Classrooms in Albania

Laureta Vavla, Rregjina Gokaj
2013 Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences  
This paper presents the results of a study concerning learner perceptions of assessment and testing, the effects they have on them, the pros and cons of using tests and assessment in teaching EFL. Responding to both closed questions and openresponse written questions as well as to individual interviews, learners at seven Albanian 9-year schools believed that assessment was an activity done by the teacher to the students and they could not and did not play any role in it. Although general
more » ... ough general assessments and examinations assess only a moment of the learning process and can be demotivating, they considered them as necessary and mandatory. The students expressed that assessment was the teacher's task and that they did not have a say in it. They were able to critically think about tests and assessment and gave their respective recommendations.
doi:10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n11p509 fatcat:epkjsy2dxfagvacugsoqzhozoe