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A rapid method for detecting and mapping homology between heterologous DNAs. Evaluation of polyomavirus genomes

P M Howley, M A Israel, M F Law, M A Martin
1979 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
A new approach for evaluating homologous sequences among related DNAs is presented. Conventional filter hybridization techniques are employed at 35 degrees C in a range of formamide concentrations in order to perform annealings at effective temperatures as low as Tm -50 degrees C which permits the detection of regions of homology with as much as 33% base mismatch. Under such nonstringent conditions, high levels of specific annealing can be obtained at plateau levels. In combination with the
more » ... nation with the Southern "blotting" technique (1975), this approach can be used to perform biochemical heteroduplex melting experiments. The homology among the genomes of the murine polyoma virus (Py), the simian virus 40 (SV40), and the human papovavirus BK was evaluated using this new methodology.
pmid:220264 fatcat:swgt6tqg2faujp2tzhdizwecby