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Parameter Optimization for Spacecraft Attitude Stabilization Using Magnetorquers [chapter]

Renato Bruni, Fabio Celani
2020 Advances in Spacecraft Attitude Control  
The attitude stabilization of a spacecraft that uses magnetorquers as torque actuators is a very important task. Depending on the availability of angular rate sensors on the spacecraft, control laws can be designed either by using measurements of both attitude and attitude rate or by using measurements of attitude only. The parameters of both types of control laws are usually determined by means of a simple trial-and-error approach. Evidently, such an approach has several drawbacks. This
more » ... wbacks. This chapter describes recently developed systematic approaches for determining the parameters using derivative-free optimization techniques. These approaches allow to find the parameter values that minimize the settling time of the attitude error or an indirect measure of this error. However, such cost indices depend also on initial conditions of the spacecraft, which are not known in advance. Thus, a min-max optimization problem is formulated, whose solution provides values of the parameters minimizing the chosen cost index under the worst initial conditions. The chapter also provides numerical results showing the effectiveness of the described approaches.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.89197 fatcat:r37r46dchbhfnleicz42r2oyue