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Institutional Causes of Environmental Communication: A Research About Instititional Data on Newspapers

2012 İşletme Araştırmaları Dergisi  
When people's expressions and actions were taken into consideration, their needs can be detected by this attititude and expressions. This is also valid for institutions. When institutions expressions and actions were taken into consideration, same conclusions can be drawn. In this study, the aim is to determine the institutions cause of environmental communication by taking their expressions and actions as a basis. According to this, it is concluded that, institions communicate for an economic
more » ... te for an economic and social reasons. From economic point of view, gain, public offer, profit distribution, union, partnership, meeting, financial/capital increase, share/sale of share, bond (sale/payment), balance sheet can be seen. It is followed, by economic aspects towards customers such as product and price, discount, installment, sales, guarantee, information. In social area, applications such as activity, sweepstake, institional journals, club can be seen.
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