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e-Man and his e-Mancipation

Markku I. Nurminen
2005 Proceedings of the 4th decennial conference on Critical computing between sense and sensibility - CC '05  
The conceptualization suggested in this paper is based on the interpretation of information technology as services and in particular as self-services. The new user is tentatively called as e-Man.  ...  The second concern is about emancipation and empowerment of the users that has been one of the ideals of many researchers in CC.  ...  Finally, the analyses of the future e-Man and the e-Mancipation with its concern of control can be combined to the new areas of use and application of IT.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1094562.1094568 dblp:conf/critical/Nurminen05 fatcat:d6grvzeuibdxvmhcntvyhkhzmi

Page 9 of Information Services Vol. 2, Issue [page]

1923 Information Services  
New York, E. P. Dutton &@ Co., 1922. $2.00 his is a very realistic presentation of reconstruction days in the black be t, dealing from beginning to end with the race problem.  ...  A flashy motion picture actress named Mary Magna, (obviously the Magdalene of the Gospels) falls under the sway of his goodness and selflessness and is won +o a better life.  ... 

Page 31 of The African Repository Vol. 10, Issue 10 [page]

1834 The African Repository  
. £. at the Seventeenth Annnal Meeting, entering into a detailed exposition of his views of the true objects and nolicy 274 ia. t. O- No ‘* /’mancipation.”” of the Society, 1x. 373, Col.  ...  E. P. His letter, June 22, 1831, concerning the Colony, vii. 158. Thomas, v. 61, 183. See *“Hayti.”’ Kentucky.  ... 

Page 17 of Boston Commonwealth Vol. 35, Issue 13 [page]

1895 Boston Commonwealth  
SF eT Ae E Pye} | - 25cts, 25,000 FT. GREENHOUSES. ALSOPP’S FABLES. A certain Man was cunning at en- graving.  ...  “ When ye git ter be a ’mancipated woman—” “But, Josiar, I don’t wanter be no ’mancipated woman.” “Thet’s all right. Ye never kin tell.  ... 

Page 7 of Abolition Intelligencer and Missionary Magazine Vol. 1, Issue 3 [page]

1822 Abolition Intelligencer and Missionary Magazine  
. : Da ted bis-bentgnted mind, than we behola f iy Wash our Deands, and prociaim to th . ; . n> ‘ 5 a ie 1 Ave | Ly ; - ‘ ne . . i 1% i bim as a fi publican, €mancip ting 140U | world -taat GC’ ere int  ...  ws | 4 ah ye umpns in tie hostite fieid. ghese are WBS bs i:O, 4 er Man pers . ‘ : . ‘ . ’ / v - ~ ~ - Ty « r bd Z > i they. wio condenia the emperor of Aus- A : rae Git 4 < ’ é % : . j OWE tria [or taypoesing  ... 

Archaic Methods of Validating a Contract: The "Blow" and the "Libation"

George Sellett, Shih C. Ho, Shih M. Ho
1922 Michigan law review  
the movable to be conveyed with his hand, and from this manual prehension the name of mancipation is derived."  ...  man.  ... 
doi:10.2307/1278108 fatcat:cjsiiqqnyjfp3ijd774ll6xr5m

Page 454 of Bentley's Miscellany Vol. 13, Issue [page]

1843 Bentley's Miscellany  
, andmancipated the niggers.  ...  Depth of shadow is when a man is five feet in the grave, and one out ; and breadth of shadow may be likened to a man lost between an eclipse, a London fog, and a dissertation on metaphysics.  ... 

Page 6 of The Eclectic Review Vol. 1, Issue [page]

1861 The Eclectic Review  
AVe must sav, too, that wv think ]ustu*e is scar(*(*ly done to tlu* attainments and memory of that ex(H*llcnt man, Dr. Hogue, either by ^Ir. James or his biograjiher; he was not, indeed, as Mr.  ...  Hennett, then settk'd at lioinscv, and he impressed him sntiiciently, in those cold, quiet, and cautions davs» to obtain his nu'diation with his father in tin* dosir(‘d ('mancipation from the business  ... 

Page 14 of Herald of Gospel Liberty Vol. 95, Issue 48 [page]

1903 Herald of Gospel Liberty  
Peas tive and ever met offer tha College 1 not as a in rea] s working If this was man mar sistent. tunity th to earn ¢ ed school good it gold. W his child mate tha: Be not \ Time wil Slasm in Rev. J.  ...  For my yoke : easy and my burden is light.” “Then shal the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the founte, tion of e world.”  ... 

Page 3 of Liberator Vol. 33, Issue 15 [page]

1863 Liberator  
PUBLICA But you would have e pp se and in d the * immense pat o being and into po resisting Southern ; I ask you now to loc it not true that the | ANCIPATION PROC NE Iam sorry to find mancipation proclam  ...  MISS E. F. SHEPARD, Teacher of Language* MISS F. E. NEWLAND, Teacher of Drawing, and Penmanship. MISS A. J.  ... 

Page 13 of Health; A Home Magazine Devoted to Physical Culture and Out-Door Life Vol. 15, Issue 1 [page]

1853 Health; A Home Magazine Devoted to Physical Culture and Out-Door Life  
a ~ ‘ i r ‘ } and k the med Fre t 1 pu l ‘ ad l e was a drunkard aga In ee W are ex l ’ ya t lica r ney was all spent at the grog-shops, his wifi !  ...  sa j : | ad their way in riddbng “iy With the ii we ‘ s ‘ . t alle “ ‘ m es, and crippled him for li it he had that the medicinal prot ery kind. « t " . : his y in refusing their grog, and saved his all  ... 

Page 297 of Town and Country Magazine, or Universal Repository of Knowledge, Instruction, and Entertainment Vol. 19, Issue [page]

1787 Town and Country Magazine, or Universal Repository of Knowledge, Instruction, and Entertainment  
father and ull his death, which-wasnor till twen- ty years atterwards; when being e- mancipated from her confinement, fle took. a- journey to London ; but finding herfelf defpifed abroad as the had been  ...  Blinded by affection, and deceived by hypoerify ry the earl overlooked familiarities which were |. daily interchanged between his bro- ther and his lady, and which were notorious to every perfon in his  ... 

Page 90 of Emancipator 1820 Vol. 1, Issue 6 [page]

1820 Emancipator 1820  
his ne¬ gro man; and give him a house in Knox¬ ville rent free for one year; but the E- mancipator, after having some time to consider whether he would put his doc¬ trine into practice, refused to do  ...  A banter at length was made by the owner of the negro man, for the other (the Emancipator) to emanci¬ pate his negro woman and give practi¬ cal evidence of his opinion, and that if he would, he would emancipate  ... 

Page 259 of The New Monthly Magazine Vol. 38, Issue 151 [page]

1833 The New Monthly Magazine  
It was a better bargain for the master when the Eutopéan slave was é¢mancipated :"hé offered more work at less —* and care; accordingly, it was eagerly accepted.  ...  He never sets his heart to his work, and the whole of that power of man Which proceeds from the will he denies his master.  ... 

Page 351 of Puck Vol. 25, Issue 645 [page]

1889 Puck  
The old man made no rejoinder, and struck by his apparent great age, I asked: “*How old are you, Uncle?”  ...  A vision of imperial Rome rose up be- e.. fore me, with all its glory and magnificence Sd and power.  ... 
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