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Systemic infection and brain injury in the preterm infant

Richard A. Polin
2008 Jornal de Pediatria  
The role of polymorphisms in ADAM33, a disintegrin and metalloprotease 33, in childhood asthma and lung function in two German populations. Respir Res. 2006;7:91.  ...  Suggested citation: Polin RA. Systemic infection and brain injury in the preterm infant.  ...  In the USA that microorganism would be a rare cause of early-onset sepsis.  ... 
doi:10.2223/jped.1784 pmid:18535740 fatcat:yzrkfqtdd5bznd6ipr3vqcky2m

Congenital Heart Disease: Impact on the Fetus, Pregnancy, Neonate, and Family

Richard A. Polin
2005 Clinics of Perinatology  
Results: A higher risk of recurrence of CHD correlated with a shorter IPI, with a median of 11 months compared with 24 months for the group of healthy fetuses in subsequent pregnancy.  ...  A b s t r a c t Introduction: Congenital heart defects (CHD) are one of the most commonly diagnosed congenital malformations in fetuses and newborns.  ...  An increased risk for recurrence of CHD in a subsequent pregnancy is therefore not only a medical, but also a social and family problem.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.clp.2005.11.001 fatcat:furbejpnczfwhg6ol5tpq4llx4

Infecção sistêmica e lesão cerebral no recém-nascido pré-termo

Richard A. Polin
2008 Jornal de Pediatria  
A identificação precoce de mulheres com corioamnionite subclínica e o tratamento oferecem a melhor oportunidade de reduzir a probabilidade de LPV. Richard A.  ...  The role of polymorphisms in ADAM33, a disintegrin and metalloprotease 33, in childhood asthma and lung function in two German populations. Respir Res. 2006;7:91. Como citar este artigo: Polin RA.  ... 
doi:10.1590/s0021-75572008000300002 fatcat:ttr7psjf3vg2nevicjtav77cbi

Aerosol delivery to ventilated newborn infants: historical challenges and new directions

Jan Mazela, Richard A. Polin
2010 European Journal of Pediatrics  
Preclinical in vitro and in vivo studies identified a number of variables that affect aerosol efficiency, including particle size, aerosol flows, nebulizer choice, and placement.  ...  Jan Mazela serves as a clinical consultant to Discovery Laboratories Inc., Dr. Richard Polin serves as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for Discovery Laboratories, Inc.  ...  Based on these assumptions, the inhaled dose can be presented as: Inhaled Dose ¼ C mg L 1 Â Ã Â V m ½Lmin À1 kg À1 Â T min ½ where C (aerosol concentration) is based on the emitted dose from the system  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00431-010-1292-6 pmid:20878336 pmcid:PMC3059826 fatcat:iw6ycinzybhkbgbaaggz3t3nj4


Thomas A. Hooven, Richard A. Polin
2017 Seminars in Fetal & Neonatal Medicine  
Neonatal pneumonia may occur in isolation or as one component of a larger infectious process.  ...  The challenges involved in microbiological testing of the lower airways may prevent definitive identification of a causative organism.  ...  However, a Gram stain of tracheal sputum that shows a leukocytic infiltrate and a predominance of a single bacterial morphotype (e.g.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.siny.2017.03.002 pmid:28343909 pmcid:PMC7270051 fatcat:kfuleaflb5a2lc4kivpigaq7h4

Biomarkers for late-onset neonatal sepsis

Richard A Polin, Tara M Randis
2010 Genome Medicine  
Serum amyloid A is a generic term for a family of proteins that is used as a marker of acute and chronic inflammation [9, 10] .  ...  Abbreviations ApoSAA, apolipoprotein serum amyloid A; SAA, serum amyloid A; TNF, tumor necrosis factor.  ... 
doi:10.1186/gm179 pmid:20828428 pmcid:PMC3092109 fatcat:ex2ieomnsfgqnau7rsbqxf3ghe

Treatment and prevention of necrotizing enterocolitis

Jane S Lee, Richard A Polin
2003 Seminars in Neonatology  
Bacteria and/or bacterial toxins are likely to have a key role in the pathogenesis of NEC by fostering production of inflammatory mediators.  ...  Treatment of infants with NEC generally includes a regimen of bowel rest, gastric decompression, systemic antibiotics and parenteral nutrition.  ...  group demonstrated a lower gastric pH and a reduced incidence of NEC (including stage I NEC).  ... 
doi:10.1016/s1084-2756(03)00123-4 pmid:15001117 pmcid:PMC7128229 fatcat:vphiaczbxraprjb7cjegdi3xtq

Pulse Oximetry in Very Low Birth Weight Infants

Richard A. Polin, David A. Bateman, Rakesh Sahni
2014 Clinics of Perinatology  
use of a higher oxygen saturation target range than previously recommended (eg, 90%-95%) is prudent.  ...  The optimal SpO 2 for very low birth weight infants remains a moving target, because uncertainty still exists as to the most appropriate range.  ...  In 1960, a review of a series of autopsied preterm infants noted that deaths from hyaline membrane disease increased 2.5-fold during a 4-year period of restricted oxygen use (1954-1958) compared with a  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.clp.2014.08.018 pmid:25459788 fatcat:loc5ksf2qjhohm5umtdmrjmxem

Decompressive craniectomy in pediatric patients

Richard S Polin, Michael Ayad, John A Jane
2003 Critical Care  
However, this report, coupled with similar papers, does highlight the need for a true controlled trial of this modality to examine whether craniectomy can emerge as more than a second line option for the  ...  with a prospectively implemented protocol of decompressive craniectomy for severe traumatic brain injury.  ...  S Polin 1 , Michael Ayad 2 and John A Jane 3 tomography.  ... 
doi:10.1186/cc2370 pmid:14624675 pmcid:PMC374371 fatcat:4lq5b6g7rbendgxrflfwt6dxw4

An ecotoxicological study of a population of the white footed mouse (Peromyscus leucopus) inhabiting a polychlorinated biphenyls-contaminated area

Jennifer Batty, Richard A. Leavitt, Natalie Biondot, Donald Polin
1990 Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology  
-4.17 ppm PCBs (mean 2.3 ppm) and animals from a comparison nonpolluted site (WCC) had no detectable PCBs.  ...  At Tyler there was a significantly smaller proportion of juveniles and subadults in the population than at WCC.  ...  Half a kilometer to the northeast of the site is a large automobile manufacturing company and to the east there is a small private airport.  ... 
doi:10.1007/bf01056098 pmid:2108618 fatcat:b2e3amxu6fawri7uive6srrddu

Occipital flattening in the infant skull

Kant Y. Lin, Richard S. Polin, Thomas Gampper, John A. Jane
1997 Neurosurgical Focus  
An operative procedure is described that uses a microplate-reinforced median bar to provide a rigid scaffold to maintain the occipital correction.  ...  Seventy-three consecutive patients were evaluated over a 3-year period for occipital plagiocephaly. Of these individuals, only one had true lambdoid synostosis and six required surgery.  ...  Left: Photograph of a patient with true lambdoid synostosis. Center: True lambdoid synostosis is demonstrated on a three-dimensional CT scan obtained in a 6-month-old patient.  ... 
doi:10.3171/foc.1997.2.2.9 pmid:15096020 fatcat:ynkxkzfepvcdfftdsfsckqtpwu

Preventing Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Failure

Clyde J. Wright, Laurie G. Sherlock, Rakesh Sahni, Richard A. Polin
2018 Clinics of Perinatology  
to bubble CPAP, and a trend toward a decreased need for mechanical ventilation.  ...  However, its utility as a screening tool is somewhat limited as the sensitivity of severe RDS on a chest radiograph to predict CPAP failure was only 32%. 66 As obtaining CXR is already a common part  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.clp.2018.01.011 pmid:29747887 pmcid:PMC5953203 fatcat:3mtaihctavaz5gwoebyo2riwkq

Radiant Warmer Power and Body Size as Determinants of Insensible Water Loss in the Critically Ill Neonate

Stephen Baumgart, William D Engle, William W Fox, Richard A Polin
1981 Pediatric Research  
Radiant power density (Mw/cm2) was measured using a wattmeter and thermopile transducer. Insensible water loss was measured using a Potter Baby Scale.  ...  There was a significant increase in insensible water loss as radiant power density increased, (r = 0.54, P < 0.05).  ...  A.  ... 
doi:10.1203/00006450-198112000-00008 fatcat:ycduu4cpdrfrnkmlk5u4gs7afy

Use of fluorodeoxyglucose–positron emission tomography for the differentiation of cerebral lesions in patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Jose A. Menendez, David L Lilien, Anil Nanda, Richard S. Polin
2000 Neurosurgical Focus  
After a 6-hour fast, fingerstick blood glucose was determined using a commercially available method.  ...  The PET scans were obtained on a GE Advance scanner (GE Medical Systems, Milwaukee, WI) 1 hour after intravenous injection of a standard 10 to 15-mCi FDG.  ... 
doi:10.3171/foc.2000.8.2.3 pmid:16869549 fatcat:27pxxcsslvgsjl2h5wxegm76bu

Systemic Inflammation following Hind-Limb Ischemia-Reperfusion Affects Brain in Neonatal Mice

M. Daniela Bianco-Batlles, Alexander Sosunov, Richard A. Polin, Vadim S. Ten
2008 Developmental Neuroscience  
In a separate cohort of mice, changes in the cerebral and hind-limb blood flow were measured. All data were compared to that in sham mice.  ...  This was associated with significantly (p = 0.0006) greater granulocytic infiltration and a markedly increased level of circulating cytokines.  ...  Briefly, mice were subjected to hindlimb IR (as described above), a sham procedure, or received 80 μl of boiled E. coli DH5-alpha suspension as a crude source of LPS.  ... 
doi:10.1159/000164686 pmid:18854644 pmcid:PMC2629657 fatcat:jf6htnjr2fa3fmnofy35an5in4
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