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Grizzly bear selection of avalanche chutes: Testing the effectiveness of forest buffer retention

Robert Serrouya, Bruce N. Mclellan, Gary D. Pavan, Clayton D. Apps
2011 Journal of Wildlife Management  
I thank Tony Hamilton and Bruce McLellan for describing the other isolated BC population groups. I also thank Dr.  ...  The D LR values found in Paetkau et al.'s (1999) polar bear population pairs ranged from 0 to 7.8 (Fst = 0.002-0.108).  ... 
doi:10.1002/jwmg.196 fatcat:zwmctmvirfagfmd4zjh2fotdim

HIV Infection of Macrophages: Implications for Pathogenesis and Cure

Kiera Leigh Clayton, Victor Garcia, Janice E. Clements, Bruce D. Walker
2017 Pathogens and Immunity  
Kiera Clayton, a postdoctoral fellow in Dr.  ...  Bruce Walker's laboratory (Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard), discussed the CD8 + T-cell response to infected macrophages versus infected CD4 + T cells.  ... 
doi:10.20411/10.20411/pai.v2i2.204 fatcat:42ptj5asmjhr3a4bw4lbtuq4m4

A synthesis of scale-dependent ecology of the endangered mountain caribou in British Columbia, Canada

Robert Serrouya, Bruce N. McLellan, Clayton D. Apps, Heiko U. Wittmer
2008 Rangifer  
Mountain caribou are an endangered ecotype of woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) that live in highprecipitation, mountainous ecosystems of southeastern British Columbia and northern Idaho. The distribution and abundance of these caribou have declined dramatically from historical figures. Results from many studies have indicated that mountain caribou rely on old conifer forests for several life-history requirements including an abundance of their primary winter food, arboreal lichen,
more » ... arboreal lichen, and a scarcity of other ungulates and their predators. These old forests often have high timber value, and understanding mountain caribou ecology at a variety of spatial scales is thus required to develop effective conservation strategies. Here we summarize results of studies conducted at three different spatial scales ranging from broad limiting factors at the population level to studies describing the selection of feeding sites within seasonal home ranges of individuals. The goal of this multi-scale review is to provide a more complete picture of caribou ecology and to determine possible shifts in limiting factors across scales. Our review produced two important results. First, mountain caribou select old forests and old trees at all spatial scales, signifying their importance for foraging opportunities as well as conditions required to avoid alternate ungulates and their predators. Second, relationships differ across scales. For example, landscapes dominated by roads and edges negatively affect caribou survival, but appear to attract caribou during certain times of the year. This juxtaposition of fine-scale behaviour with broad-scale vulnerability to predation could only be identified through integrated multi-scale analyses of resource selection. Consequently we suggest that effective management strategies for endangered species require an integrative approach across multiple spatial scales to avoid a focus that may be too narrow to maintain viable populations. <p>Abstract in Norwegian / Sammendrag:<br />Skala-avhengig &oslash;kologi og truet fjellvillrein i Britisk Columbia</p><p>Fjellvillreinen i de nedb&oslash;rsrike fjellomr&aring;dene i s&oslash;r&oslash;stre Britisk Columbia og nordlige Idaho som er en truet &oslash;kotype av skogsreinen (Rangifer tarandus caribou), har blitt kraftig redusert b&aring;de i utbredelse og antall. Mange studier har vist at denne &oslash;kotypen er avhengig av vinterf&oslash;den hengelav i gammel barskog hvor det ogs&aring; er f&aring; andre klovdyr og dermed f&aring; predatorer. Slik skog er ogs&aring; viktige hogstomr&aring;der, og &aring; forst&aring; &oslash;kologien til fjellvillreinen i forskjellige skaleringer er derfor n&oslash;dvendig for &aring; utvikle forvaltningsstrategier som kan berge og ta vare p&aring; denne reinen. Artikkelen gir en oversikt over slike arbeider: fra studier av begrensende faktorer p&aring; populasjonsniv&aring; til studier av sesongmessige beiteplasser p&aring; individniv&aring;. Hensikten er &aring; f&aring; frem et mer helhetlig perspektiv p&aring; fjellvillreinen og finne hvordan de begrensende faktorene varierer etter skaleringen som er benyttet i studiet. Oversikten v&aring;r frembragte to viktige resultater; 1) Uansett skalering s&aring; velger dyrene gammel skog og gamle tr&aelig;r. 2) Dyrenes bruk av et omr&aring;de kan variere med benyttet skalering, for eksempel vil landskap utbygd med veier og hogstflater v&aelig;re ufordelaktig for overlevelsen, men synes likevel &aring; kunne tiltrekke fjellvillreinen til visse tider av &aring;ret. Forholdet mellom atferd ut fra fin-skalering og stor-skalering s&aring;rbarhet hva gjelder predasjon, ville kun blitt avdekket ved flere-skaleringsanalyse av hvordan ressursene benyttes. Ut fra dette foresl&aring;r vi at forvaltningsstrategier for truete bestander som eksempelvis fjellvillreinen, m&aring; baseres p&aring; tiln&aelig;rminger ut fra ulike skaleringer for &aring; hindre at et for snevert perspektiv kan begrense muligheten for vedvarende levedyktighet.</p>
doi:10.7557/ fatcat:jv4jeyk5vjd6xcnsgl47a44nhu

Dynein Modifiers in C. elegans: Light Chains Suppress Conditional Heavy Chain Mutants

Sean M. O'Rourke, Marc D. Dorfman, J. Clayton Carter, Bruce Bowerman
2007 PLoS Genetics  
(A-D) DYLT-1: oocyte nuclear envelopes (A), meiotic spindle poles (B), nuclear envelopes prior to mitosis (C), and centrosomes and mitotic spindle poles (D).  ...  (D) Time-lapse Nomarski images for wild-type, dylt-1, and dyrb-1 embryos grown at room temperature.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.0030128 pmid:17676955 pmcid:PMC1937013 fatcat:5fe2x76erzbijpqlsr3faldmai

HIV Infection of Macrophages: Implications for Pathogenesis and Cure

Kiera Leigh Clayton, Victor Garcia, Janice E. Clements, Bruce D. Walker
2017 Pathogens and Immunity  
Kiera Clayton, a postdoctoral fellow in Dr.  ...  Bruce Walker's laboratory (Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard), discussed the CD8 + T-cell response to infected macrophages versus infected CD4 + T cells.  ... 
doi:10.20411/pai.v2i2.204 pmid:28752134 pmcid:PMC5526341 fatcat:cp5m6pxx6bdnzihhk4p25eaeyu

Predicting spatial variation in grizzly bear abundance to inform conservation

Clayton D. Apps, Bruce N. McLellan, Michael F. Proctor, Gordon B. Stenhouse, Christopher Servheen
2016 Journal of Wildlife Management  
Southern Rockies GBPU (monitoring) 2006- 2009 e 8,303 N/A 37.7 (2.9) Mowat et al. (2013) GBY d Granby-Kettle/Boundary 1997 4,468 64 7.2 (3.3) Boulanger (2000) BBV d Banff-Bow Valley  ...  Within the GIS, we standardized original variables x Àm ½ =ŝ ð Þ according to values at sampling stations.  ... 
doi:10.1002/jwmg.1037 fatcat:y34rmdf5avg3nehwlyl5zizzgq

Comparison of initial computed tomography-based target delineation and subsequent magnetic resonance imaging-based target delineation for cervical cancer brachytherapy

Taylor J Corriher, Sunil W Dutta, Clayton E Alonso, Bruce Libby, Kara D Romano, Timothy N Showalter
2020 Journal of Contemporary Brachytherapy  
90% HR-CTV 6.07 6.64 0.017 D 2cc rectum 2.96 3.17 0.01 D 2cc bladder 3.72 3.84 0.442 D 2cc sigmoid 2.76 2.87 0.29 HR-CTV -high-risk clinical target volume, D 2cc -maximum dose received  ...  90% total EQD 2 88.35 71.9-118.3 Bladder D 2cc total EQD 2 (Gy) 69.85 53.0-104.3 Rectal D 2cc total EQD 2 (Gy) 63.2 53.4-75.4 Sigmoid D 2cc total EQD 2 (Gy) 61.4 50.3-82.2 CTV -clinical  ... 
doi:10.5114/jcb.2020.96871 pmid:32695201 pmcid:PMC7366020 fatcat:5bp5nw757vepzbalfykltwp7tm

Engineering modular intracellular protein sensor-actuator devices

Velia Siciliano, Breanna DiAndreth, Blandine Monel, Jacob Beal, Jin Huh, Kiera L Clayton, Liliana Wroblewska, AnneMarie McKeon, Bruce D. Walker, Ron Weiss
2018 Nature Communications  
Right-bottom inset: EYFP MEFL as function of the concentration of transfected DNA encoding nNS3 for the N3 variant of the device. d Selective cell death induced by pro-apoptotic hBax-N3 variant in cells  ...  EYFP expression and standard deviation using EYFP MEFL for cells expressing >1 × 10 5 MEFL of transfection marker Pacific-Blue. n = 2 independent technical replicates. d HLA-I surface expression in Jurkat  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41467-018-03984-5 pmid:29760420 pmcid:PMC5951936 fatcat:b4nfgtxc6bcwvht67bn5g74wna

Morpholino-mediated Knockdown of DUX4 Toward Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy Therapeutics

Jennifer CJ Chen, Oliver D King, Yuanfan Zhang, Nicholas P Clayton, Carrie Spencer, Bruce M Wentworth, Charles P Emerson, Kathryn R Wagner
2016 Molecular Therapy  
(c) Expression analysis of DUX4-fl and (d) of DUX4 target genes MBD3L5 and ZSCAN4 in xenografts from biopsy and autopsy donor groups, all with FSHD, treated with Control-and FM10-PMOs.  ... 
doi:10.1038/mt.2016.111 pmid:27378237 pmcid:PMC5023379 fatcat:w4bn5lexbraedb2mngblz2yv3i

FUSEMeasurements of Far‐Ultraviolet Extinction. I. Galactic Sight Lines

Ulysses J. Sofia, Michael J. Wolff, Brian Rachford, Karl D. Gordon, Geoffrey C. Clayton, Stefan I. B. Cartledge, Peter G. Martin, Bruce T. Draine, John S. Mathis, Theodore P. Snow, Douglas C. B. Whittet
2005 Astrophysical Journal  
We find that predictions of the FUV extinction based upon the Cardelli, Clayton & Mathis (CCM) dependence on R_V give mixed results.  ...  We find that predictions of the FUV extinction based upon the Cardelli, Clayton & Mathis (CCM) dependence on R V give mixed results.  ...  HD 197770 shows a broad, weak spectral feature in the ultraviolet interstellar linear polarization centered close to 2175Å bump (Martin et al. 1995; Wolff et al. 1997; Clayton et al. 1992) .  ... 
doi:10.1086/429690 fatcat:yay7vato2zcy5auvw3sf7tajju

Practical Guidance on Informed Consent for Pediatric Participants in a Biorepository

Kyle B. Brothers, John A. Lynch, Sharon A. Aufox, John J. Connolly, Bruce D. Gelb, Ingrid A. Holm, Saskia C. Sanderson, Jennifer B. McCormick, Janet L. Williams, Wendy A. Wolf, Armand H.M. Antommaria, Ellen W. Clayton
2014 Mayo Clinic proceedings  
doi:10.1016/j.mayocp.2014.07.006 pmid:25264176 pmcid:PMC4254313 fatcat:fg5oazwawvfypi3ko2eoylhyfe

Linking late Paleoindian stone tool technologies and populations in North, Central and South America

Keith M. Prufer, Asia V. Alsgaard, Mark Robinson, Clayton R. Meredith, Brendan J. Culleton, Timothy Dennehy, Shelby Magee, Bruce B. Huckell, W. James Stemp, Jaime J. Awe, Jose M. Capriles, Douglas J. Kennett (+1 others)
2019 PLoS ONE  
It is shown as: k ¼ k 0 10 v v ¼ � D Where D is a prior distribution expressed over a reasonable range.  ...  (D) Large but badly damaged Lowe point from MHCP.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0219812 pmid:31318917 pmcid:PMC6638942 fatcat:ug45nbu5qjam5go7mron2gt6yq

Inhibiting TGF-β Activity Improves Respiratory Function in mdx Mice

Carol A. Nelson, R. Bridge Hunter, Lindsay A. Quigley, Stefan Girgenrath, William D. Weber, Jennifer A. McCullough, Carol J. Dinardo, Kelly A. Keefe, Lorena Ceci, Nicholas P. Clayton, Alison McVie-Wylie, Seng H. Cheng (+2 others)
2011 American Journal of Pathology  
Both total TGF-␤1 and activated TGF-␤1 concentrations were assessed using a mouse TGF-␤1 ELISA kit (MB100B; R&D Systems) according to the manufacturer's protocol (n ϭ 6 per group).  ...  termination of the studies. 1D11 is a murine pan-neutralizing TGF-␤ IgG1 antibody that neutralizes the active forms of TGF-␤1, -␤2, and -␤3. 10 1D11 can also be purchased from ATCC (Manassas, VA) and R&D  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ajpath.2011.02.024 pmid:21641384 pmcid:PMC3124227 fatcat:cj5qxoarg5frfbs37urmrlir6u

Population fragmentation and inter-ecosystem movements of grizzly bears in western Canada and the northern United States

Michael F. Proctor, David Paetkau, Bruce N. Mclellan, Gordon B. Stenhouse, Katherine C. Kendall, Richard D. Mace, Wayne F. Kasworm, Christopher Servheen, Cori L. Lausen, Michael L. Gibeau, Wayne L. Wakkinen, Mark A. Haroldson (+7 others)
2011 Wildlife monographs  
Models based on D LR ).  ...  The partial Mantel test showed nonsettle to correlate significantly (partial correlation 0.52 with D LR ) with all measures of genetic differentiation (D LR , F ST , and D S ; Table 7 ) across the study  ...  Genetic distances as measured by D LR (Paetkau et al. 1997 ), Nei's D S (Nei 1972) , and F ST values (Weir and Cockerham 1984) and geographic distance for adjacent grizzly bear subpopulations in western  ... 
doi:10.1002/wmon.6 fatcat:yi7akdj3obbwvapbejsobrx4za

Structure-based discovery of NANOG variant with enhanced properties to promote self-renewal and reprogramming of pluripotent stem cells

Yohei Hayashi, Laura Caboni, Debanu Das, Fumiaki Yumoto, Thomas Clayton, Marc C. Deller, Phuong Nguyen, Carol L. Farr, Hsiu-Ju Chiu, Mitchell D. Miller, Marc-André Elsliger, Ashley M. Deacon (+7 others)
2015 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America  
Miyake, and D. Singer for administrative support; S. Sami and C.  ...  For reprogramming, these transfectants were cultured in 2i+LIF-containing medium for 5 d.  ...  S1 C and D. Mutational Analysis of hNANOG HD and Binding Affinity for OCT4 Promoter DNA.  ... 
doi:10.1073/pnas.1502855112 pmid:25825768 pmcid:PMC4403148 fatcat:xttuzan6tve3nl5dj2qvsvvzxy
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