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DWM: A Decomposable Winograd Method for Convolution Acceleration [article]

Di Huang, Xishan Zhang, Rui Zhang, Tian Zhi, Deyuan He, Jiaming Guo, Chang Liu, Qi Guo, Zidong Du, Shaoli Liu, Tianshi Chen, Yunji Chen
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Unfortunately, Winograd's minimal filtering algorithm is only effective on 3×3 kernels with * Xishan Zhang ( is the corresponding author.  ... 
arXiv:2002.00552v1 fatcat:yyfnolqjr5glnfbae6sfiiavsy

A breeze energy harvesting of vibration caused with a cantilevered piezoelectric beam

Ting Zhang, Jun Li, Zidong Wu, Guoguang Zhang
2019 Vibroengineering PROCEDIA  
doi:10.21595/vp.2019.21136 fatcat:f3fhrfwg6bg65luxc62gjnkrby

Paper-based flexible metamaterial for microwave applications

Zidong Zhang, Yaman Zhao, Guohua Fan, Wenjin Zhang, Yao Liu, Jiurong Liu, Runhua Fan, Yan Shi, Jiafu Wang, Kun Song, Hongyu Shi
2021 EPJ Applied Metamaterials  
Zhang et al.: EPJ Appl. Metamat. 8, 6 (2021) 7 Z. Zhang et al.: EPJ Appl. Metamat.8, 6 (2021)  ...  On the basis of paper-based metamaterials, Zhang et al. proposed the conception of 2.5D metamaterial, of which the "3D" trapezoidal prism units were built up by stacking the rectangle units of 2D paper-based  ... 
doi:10.1051/epjam/2020016 fatcat:dsczto2zt5ejdjfbejt5hzzyj4

A Small-Divergence-Angle Orbital Angular Momentum Metasurface Antenna

Jianchun Xu, Ke Bi, Ru Zhang, Yanan Hao, Chuwen Lan, Klaus D. McDonald-Maier, Xiaojun Zhai, Zidong Zhang, Shanguo Huang
2019 Research  
Electromagnetic waves carrying an orbital angular momentum (OAM) are of great interest. However, most OAM antennas present disadvantages such as a complicated structure, low efficiency, and large divergence angle, which prevents their practical applications. So far, there are few papers and research focuses on the problem of the divergence angle. Herein, a metasurface antenna is proposed to obtain the OAM beams with a small divergence angle. The circular arrangement and phase gradient were used
more » ... to simplify the structure of the metasurface and obtain the small divergence angle, respectively. The proposed metasurface antenna presents a high transmission coefficient and effectively decreases the divergence angle of the OAM beam. All the theoretical analyses and derivation calculations were validated by both simulations and experiments. This compact structure paves the way to generate OAM beams with a small divergence angle.
doi:10.34133/2019/9686213 pmid:31922148 pmcid:PMC6946278 fatcat:wzav653vufcdfj6ikgagqdwko4

Metabolomics Study of the Biochemical Changes in the Plasma of Myocardial Infarction Patients

Mingdan Zhu, Yanqi Han, Yu Zhang, Shaoqiang Zhang, Congcong Wei, Zidong Cong, Wuxun Du
2018 Frontiers in Physiology  
Various analytical methods involving multivariate data analysis, such as PCA and PLS-DA, have been applied in metabolomic-based drug metabolism studies (Zhang et al., 2012a) .  ...  The UPLC/ESI-Q-TOF/MS system is not only capable of providing accurate fragment mass, precursor ion, and neutral loss information but also exhibits high peak capacity, sensitivity, and resolution (Zhang  ... 
doi:10.3389/fphys.2018.01017 pmid:30210352 pmcid:PMC6123371 fatcat:yrm5bvdzqbbpjfgma4qpky6vuq

Hindsight Value Function for Variance Reduction in Stochastic Dynamic Environment [article]

Jiaming Guo, Rui Zhang, Xishan Zhang, Shaohui Peng, Qi Yi, Zidong Du, Xing Hu, Qi Guo, Yunji Chen
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Policy gradient methods are appealing in deep reinforcement learning but suffer from high variance of gradient estimate. To reduce the variance, the state value function is applied commonly. However, the effect of the state value function becomes limited in stochastic dynamic environments, where the unexpected state dynamics and rewards will increase the variance. In this paper, we propose to replace the state value function with a novel hindsight value function, which leverages the information
more » ... from the future to reduce the variance of the gradient estimate for stochastic dynamic environments. Particularly, to obtain an ideally unbiased gradient estimate, we propose an information-theoretic approach, which optimizes the embeddings of the future to be independent of previous actions. In our experiments, we apply the proposed hindsight value function in stochastic dynamic environments, including discrete-action environments and continuous-action environments. Compared with the standard state value function, the proposed hindsight value function consistently reduces the variance, stabilizes the training, and improves the eventual policy.
arXiv:2107.12216v2 fatcat:vygbpu2ybbhwrdf22l4jkm27ti

Enzyme-assisted Solvent Extraction of High-yield Paeonia suffruticosa Andr. Seed Oil and Fatty Acid Composition and Anti-Alzheimer's Disease Activity

Gang Wei, Zidong Zhang, Dongmei Fu, Yuanyuan Zhang, Weipeng Zhang, Yuangang Zu, Lin Zhang, Zhi Zhang
2021 Journal of Oleo Science  
Author Contributions Gang Wei: designed research, performed research, analyzed data, wrote the manuscript; Zidong Zhang: performed research, contributed analytic tools, analyzed data; Dongmei Fu: performed  ...  Zhi Zhang: funding acquisition, review the manuscript; Lin Zhang: Supervision, designed research, review modified the manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.5650/jos.ess21040 pmid:34248097 fatcat:vtwqjqznlnfmnnel2yeg5r4aaq

The incremental subgradient methods on distributed estimations in-network

Hui Feng, ZiDong Jiang, Bo Hu, JianQiu Zhang
2014 Science China Information Sciences  
A unified framework on distributed estimations in-network using incremental subgradient (IS) methods is introduced. The IS methods meet the requirement of the asynchronously processing, which are efficient solvers developed recently focusing on separable non-differentiable convex optimization problems. The main contribution of this paper is to formalize distributed estimators as equivalent separable convex optimization problems, where general skills and several specific cases on signal
more » ... ns are presented. Analytical and simulation results show that the IS framework can solve general nonlinear estimation problems in-network, and achieve comparable performances as the centralized estimators.
doi:10.1007/s11432-013-4944-0 fatcat:skvdjrap6ffvhgphj6q3rpcgvm

Microstructure and metal–dielectric transition behaviour in a percolative Al2O3–Fe composite via selective reduction

Zidong Zhang, Runhua Fan, Zhicheng Shi, Kelan Yan, Zhijia Zhang, Xiaolin Wang, Shixue Dou
2013 RSC Advances  
Dou, S. (2013) . Microstructure and metal-dielectric transition behaviour in a percolative Al2O3-Fe composite via selective reduction. RSC Advances, 3 (48), 26110-26115. Microstructure and metal-dielectric transition behaviour in a percolative Al2O3-Fe composite via selective reduction Abstract The electromagnetic (EM) medium plays a key role in many areas, such as communications, stealth technology, etc. Different EM properties are required for different applications. In this paper, we have
more » ... ained tunable EM properties in an Al2O3-Fe composite via selective reduction. By adjusting the content of one functional component, the composite shows totally different EM properties, in accordance with the predictions of effective medium theory. Hybrid EM behaviour is obtained near the percolation threshold, which has a close relationship with its microstructure. Dou, S. (2013). Microstructure and metal-dielectric transition behaviour in a percolative Al2O3-Fe composite via selective reduction. RSC Advances, 3 (48), 26110-26115. The electromagnetic (EM) medium plays a key role in many areas, such as communications, stealth technology, etc. Different EM properties are required for different applications. In this paper, we have obtained tunable EM properties in an Al 2 O 3 -Fe composite via selective reduction. By adjusting the content of one functional component, the composite shows totally different EM properties, in accordance with the predictions of effective medium theory. Hybrid EM behaviour is obtained near the percolation threshold, which has a close relationship with its microstructure. 3 0 (Real part) 40 mol%, 50 mol%, 60 mol% 70 mol%, 80 mol%, 90 mol% 3 00 (Imaginary part) 40 mol%, 50 mol%, 60 mol%,70 mol% 80 mol%, 90 mol%
doi:10.1039/c3ra45253k fatcat:wxic3ptl4rb55j5gzocdxhf2vy

Palladium-Catalyzed Asymmetric Allylic Alkylations with Toluene Derivatives as Pronucleophiles

Jianyou Mao, Jiadi Zhang, Hui Jiang, Ana Bellomo, Mengnan Zhang, Zidong Gao, Spencer D. Dreher, Patrick J. Walsh
2016 Angewandte Chemie International Edition  
The first two highly enantioselective palladium-catalyzed allylic alkylations with benzylic nucleophiles activated with Cr(CO) 3 have been developed. These methods enable the
doi:10.1002/anie.201509917 pmid:26756125 pmcid:PMC4836847 fatcat:aleoifq6qnewhbujnndrdxfu74

Deep Belief Networks for Quantitative Analysis of a Gold Immunochromatographic Strip

Nianyin Zeng, Zidong Wang, Hong Zhang, Weibo Liu, Fuad E. Alsaadi
2016 Cognitive Computation  
COMPLIANCE WITH ETHICAL STANDARDS Conflict of Interest Nianyin Zeng, Zidong Wang, Hong Zhang, Weibo Liu and Fuad E. Alsaadi declare that they have no conflict of interest.  ...  Zhang are with the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Xiamen University, Fujian 361005, China. Z.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12559-016-9404-x fatcat:slmxq56fbbbmrewitxf5yxwgie

Signal Consensus in TSP of the Same Grid in Road Network

Dongyuan Li, Chengshuai Li, Zidong Wang, Deqiang Wang, Jianping Xing, Bo Zhang
2017 Future Internet  
Dongyuan Li, Zidong Wang, Deqiang Wang, and Bo Zhang performed the experiments. Jianping Xing provided the data. Dongyuan Li and Bo Zhang analyzed the data.  ... 
doi:10.3390/fi9040069 fatcat:uugyv6x6crgqjjh3w3vt3hceaa

Construction and Characterization of Vitreoscilla Hemoglobin (VHb) with Enhanced Peroxidase Activity for Efficient Degradation of Textile Dye

Zidong Zhang, Wei Li, Haichao Li, Jing Zhang, Yuebin Zhang, Yufeng Cao, Jianzhang Ma, Zhengqiang Li
2015 Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology  
Pollution resulting from the discharge of textile dyes into water systems has become a major global concern. Because peroxidases are known for their ability to decolorize and detoxify textile dyes, the peroxidase activity of Vitreoscilla hemoglobin (VHb) has recently been studied. It is found that VHb and variants of this enzyme show great promise for enzymatic decolorization of dyes and may play a role in achieving their successful removal from industrial wastewater. The level of VHb
more » ... activity correlates with two amino acid residues present within the conserved distal pocket, at positions 53 and 54. In this work, sitedirected mutagenesis of these residues was performed and resulted in improved VHb peroxidase activity. The double mutant, Q53H/P54C, shows the highest dye decolorization and removal efficiency, with 70% removal efficiency within 5 min. UV spectral studies of Q53H/P54C reveals a more compact structure and an altered porphyrin environment (λ Soret = 413 nm) relative to that of wild-type VHb (λ Soret = 406), and differential scanning calorimetry data indicate that the VHb variant protein structure is more stable. In addition, circular dichroism spectroscopic studies indicate that this variant's increased protein structural stability is due to an increase in helical structure, as deduced from the melting temperature, which is higher than 90°C. Therefore, the VHb variant Q53H/P54C shows promise as an excellent peroxidase, with excellent dye decolorization activity and a more stable structure than wild-type VHb under high-temperature conditions.
doi:10.4014/jmb.1411.11001 pmid:25907068 fatcat:iorh6znkercadmlq546krgybxe

Review of Land Surface Albedo: Variance Characteristics, Climate Effect and Management Strategy

Xiaoning Zhang, Ziti Jiao, Changsen Zhao, Ying Qu, Qiang Liu, Hu Zhang, Yidong Tong, Chenxia Wang, Sijie Li, Jing Guo, Zidong Zhu, Siyang Yin (+1 others)
2022 Remote Sensing  
Surface albedo plays a controlling role in the surface energy budget, and albedo-induced radiative forcing has a significant impact on climate and environmental change (e.g., global warming, snow and ice melt, soil and vegetation degradation, and urban heat islands (UHIs)). Several existing review papers have summarized the algorithms and products of surface albedo as well as climate feedback at certain surfaces, while an overall understanding of various land types remains insufficient,
more » ... ly with increasing studies on albedo management methods regarding mitigating global warming in recent years. In this paper, we present a comprehensive literature review on the variance pattern of surface albedo, the subsequent climate impact, and albedo management strategies. The results show that using the more specific term "surface albedo" is recommended instead of "albedo" to avoid confusion with similar terms (e.g., planetary albedo), and spatiotemporal changes in surface albedo can indicate subtle changes in the energy budget, land cover, and even the specific surface structure. In addition, the close relationships between surface albedo change and climate feedback emphasize the important role of albedo in climate simulation and forecasting, and many albedo management strategies (e.g., the use of retroreflective materials (RRMs)) have been demonstrated to be effective for climate mitigation by offsetting CO2 emissions. In future work, climate effects and management strategies regarding surface albedo at a multitude of spatiotemporal resolutions need to be systematically evaluated to promote its application in climate mitigation, where a life cycle assessment (LCA) method considering both climate benefits and side effects (e.g., thermal comfort) should be followed.
doi:10.3390/rs14061382 fatcat:d7hoqvwwqjemvftris4cy325ya


Zidong Gao, Peng Wu, Yang Zhang
2020 Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters  
A new compact ultra-wideband (UWB) bandstop filter with good performance is proposed. The proposed UWB bandstop filter is composed of two pairs of quarter-wavelength resonators, a high impedance main transmission line, a half-wavelength resonator, and an H-shaped multiple-mode ring resonator. The proposed H-shaped multiple-mode ring resonator is introduced to achieve three transmission poles appearing in the lower and upper passbands thus to improve the characteristics of selectivity. The
more » ... ed quarter-wavelength resonators and half-wavelength resonator are used to obtain four transmission poles showing up in stopband thus to improve the in-band suppression characteristics. To validate the design concept, a new compact UWB bandstop filter with high selectivity and good suppression is designed and fabricated. UWB stopband, low insertion losses, and good selectivity are achieved as demonstrated in both simulation and experiment.
doi:10.2528/pierl20052304 fatcat:ktadenalazganje42jh2w3osgi
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