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180-degree Outpainting from a Single Image [article]

Zhenqiang Ying, Alan Bovik
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Presenting context images to a viewer's peripheral vision is one of the most effective techniques to enhance immersive visual experiences. However, most images only present a narrow view, since the field-of-view (FoV) of standard cameras is small. To overcome this limitation, we propose a deep learning approach that learns to predict a 180 panoramic image from a narrow-view image. Specifically, we design a foveated framework that applies different strategies on near-periphery and mid-periphery
more » ... egions. Two networks are trained separately, and then are employed jointly to sequentially perform narrow-to-90 generation and 90-to-180 generation. The generated outputs are then fused with their aligned inputs to produce expanded equirectangular images for viewing. Our experimental results show that single-view-to-panoramic image generation using deep learning is both feasible and promising.
arXiv:2001.04568v1 fatcat:vetkt5vv4zfgleuc7chacaoeuq

A Bio-Inspired Multi-Exposure Fusion Framework for Low-light Image Enhancement [article]

Zhenqiang Ying and Ge Li and Wen Gao
2017 arXiv   pre-print
Ying, G. Li, and W.  ... 
arXiv:1711.00591v1 fatcat:k6m2eibbdrcuhagz572verfbpe

Searching Action Proposals via Spatial Actionness Estimation and Temporal Path Inference and Tracking [article]

Nannan Li, Dan Xu, Zhenqiang Ying, Zhihao Li, Ge Li
2016 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we address the problem of searching action proposals in unconstrained video clips. Our approach starts from actionness estimation on frame-level bounding boxes, and then aggregates the bounding boxes belonging to the same actor across frames via linking, associating, tracking to generate spatial-temporal continuous action paths. To achieve the target, a novel actionness estimation method is firstly proposed by utilizing both human appearance and motion cues. Then, the association
more » ... of the action paths is formulated as a maximum set coverage problem with the results of actionness estimation as a priori. To further promote the performance, we design an improved optimization objective for the problem and provide a greedy search algorithm to solve it. Finally, a tracking-by-detection scheme is designed to further refine the searched action paths. Extensive experiments on two challenging datasets, UCF-Sports and UCF-101, show that the proposed approach advances state-of-the-art proposal generation performance in terms of both accuracy and proposal quantity.
arXiv:1608.06495v1 fatcat:dv6jnd2nq5gvzjdg74ewnbsqpa

From Patches to Pictures (PaQ-2-PiQ): Mapping the Perceptual Space of Picture Quality [article]

Zhenqiang Ying, Haoran Niu, Praful Gupta, Dhruv Mahajan, Deepti Ghadiyaram, Alan Bovik
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Blind or no-reference (NR) perceptual picture quality prediction is a difficult, unsolved problem of great consequence to the social and streaming media industries that impacts billions of viewers daily. Unfortunately, popular NR prediction models perform poorly on real-world distorted pictures. To advance progress on this problem, we introduce the largest (by far) subjective picture quality database, containing about 40000 real-world distorted pictures and 120000 patches, on which we collected
more » ... about 4M human judgments of picture quality. Using these picture and patch quality labels, we built deep region-based architectures that learn to produce state-of-the-art global picture quality predictions as well as useful local picture quality maps. Our innovations include picture quality prediction architectures that produce global-to-local inferences as well as local-to-global inferences (via feedback).
arXiv:1912.10088v1 fatcat:4j35vi5qrnh6rik7j7bx76ns6y

A New Low-Light Image Enhancement Algorithm Using Camera Response Model

Zhenqiang Ying, Ge Li, Yurui Ren, Ronggang Wang, Wenmin Wang
2017 2017 IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision Workshops (ICCVW)  
Low-light images are not conducive to human observation and computer vision algorithms due to their low visibility. To solve this problem, many image enhancement techniques have been proposed. However, existing techniques inevitably introduce color and lightness distortion when increasing visibility. To lower the distortion, we propose a novel enhancement method using the response characteristics of cameras. First, we investigate the relationship between two images with different exposures to
more » ... tain an accurate camera response model. Then we borrow the illumination estimation techniques to estimate the exposure ratio map. Finally, we use our camera response model to adjust each pixel to its desired exposure according to the estimated exposure ratio map. Experiments show that our method can obtain enhancement results with less color and lightness distortion compared to several state-of-the-art methods.
doi:10.1109/iccvw.2017.356 dblp:conf/iccvw/YingLRWW17 fatcat:6dqre46w55gpzh7qexqiuxcipu

A Novel Shadow-Free Feature Extractor for Real-Time Road Detection

Zhenqiang Ying, Ge Li, Xianghao Zang, Ronggang Wang, Wenmin Wang
2016 Proceedings of the 2016 ACM on Multimedia Conference - MM '16  
Road detection is one of the most important research areas in driver assistance and automated driving field. However, the performance of existing methods is still unsatisfactory, especially in severe shadow conditions. To overcome those difficulties, first we propose a novel shadow-free feature extractor based on the color distribution of road surface pixels. Then we present a road detection framework based on the extractor, whose performance is more accurate and robust than that of existing
more » ... ractors. Also, the proposed framework has much low-complexity, which is suitable for usage in practical systems.
doi:10.1145/2964284.2967294 dblp:conf/mm/YingLZWW16 fatcat:oyv2eixha5bjdkccothqo4ltay

Association of Vitamin E Intake with Reduced Risk of Kidney Cancer: A Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies

Chongxing Shen, Ying Huang, Shanhong Yi, Zhenqiang Fang, Longkun Li
2015 Medical Science Monitor  
Several observational studies suggested that vitamin E intake is related to the risk of kidney cancer; however, the results of published studies are inconsistent. A meta-analysis was performed to assess the relationship between vitamin E intake and the risk of kidney cancer by searching PubMed and Medline through August 2015. We computed pooled relative risks (RR) and 95%CI of kidney cancer for the highest versus lowest level of vitamin E intake. A total of 13 observational studies (7
more » ... ol and 6 cohort) were included. The pooled RR (95%CI) of kidney cancer for the highest vs. the lowest level of vitamin E intake was 0.81 (0.69-0.94). In subgroup-analysis, this study found an inverse relationship between vitamin E intake and kidney cancer risk, which was not significantly modified by study design, study population, or sex distribution except in the cohort studies. Results of the present study suggest an inverse relationship between vitamin E intake and kidney cancer risk. However, additional well designed cohort studies and randomized controlled trials that focus on the relationship between vitamin E intake and kidney cancer risk are needed.
pmid:26547129 pmcid:PMC4644018 fatcat:5ldakki6vfc73pbaufeoxz772y

Evaluation of gene expression data generated from expired Affymetrix GeneChip® microarrays using MAQC reference RNA samples

Zhining Wen, Charles Wang, Quan Shi, Ying Huang, Zhenqiang Su, Huixiao Hong, Weida Tong, Leming Shi
2010 BMC Bioinformatics  
The Affymetrix GeneChip® system is a commonly used platform for microarray analysis but the technology is inherently expensive. Unfortunately, changes in experimental planning and execution, such as the unavailability of previously anticipated samples or a shift in research focus, may render significant numbers of prepurchased GeneChip® microarrays unprocessed before their manufacturer's expiration dates. Researchers and microarray core facilities wonder whether expired microarrays are still
more » ... ful for gene expression analysis. In addition, it was not clear whether the two human reference RNA samples established by the MAQC project in 2005 still maintained their transcriptome integrity over a period of four years. Experiments were conducted to answer these questions. Results: Microarray data were generated in 2009 in three replicates for each of the two MAQC samples with either expired Affymetrix U133A or unexpired U133Plus2 microarrays. These results were compared with data obtained in 2005 on the U133Plus2 microarray. The percentage of overlap between the lists of differentially expressed genes (DEGs) from U133Plus2 microarray data generated in 2009 and in 2005 was 97.44%. While there was some degree of fold change compression in the expired U133A microarrays, the percentage of overlap between the lists of DEGs from the expired and unexpired microarrays was as high as 96.99%. Moreover, the microarray data generated using the expired U133A microarrays in 2009 were highly concordant with microarray and TaqMan® data generated by the MAQC project in 2005. Conclusions: Our results demonstrated that microarray data generated using U133A microarrays, which were more than four years past the manufacturer's expiration date, were highly specific and consistent with those from unexpired microarrays in identifying DEGs despite some appreciable fold change compression and decrease in sensitivity. Our data also suggested that the MAQC reference RNA samples, stored at -80°C, were stable over a time frame of at least four years.
doi:10.1186/1471-2105-11-s6-s10 pmid:20946593 pmcid:PMC3026357 fatcat:utrpufn6dndcnhy2dx5okymz3u

SingleGAN: Image-to-Image Translation by a Single-Generator Network using Multiple Generative Adversarial Learning [article]

Xiaoming Yu, Xing Cai, Zhenqiang Ying, Thomas Li, Ge Li
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Image translation is a burgeoning field in computer vision where the goal is to learn the mapping between an input image and an output image. However, most recent methods require multiple generators for modeling different domain mappings, which are inefficient and ineffective on some multi-domain image translation tasks. In this paper, we propose a novel method, SingleGAN, to perform multi-domain image-to-image translations with a single generator. We introduce the domain code to explicitly
more » ... rol the different generative tasks and integrate multiple optimization goals to ensure the translation. Experimental results on several unpaired datasets show superior performance of our model in translation between two domains. Besides, we explore variants of SingleGAN for different tasks, including one-to-many domain translation, many-to-many domain translation and one-to-one domain translation with multimodality. The extended experiments show the universality and extensibility of our model.
arXiv:1810.04991v2 fatcat:34ln4uqkpjan5fmjdnjbvcnt2e

A Systematic Analysis on mRNA and MicroRNA Expression in Runting and Stunting Chickens

Li Zhang, Ying Li, Xiujuan Xie, Haiping Xu, Zhenqiang Xu, Jinge Ma, Bixiao Li, Shudai Lin, Qinghua Nie, Qingbin Luo, Xiquan Zhang, Guy Brock
2015 PLoS ONE  
Runting and stunting syndrome (RSS), which is characterized by lower body weight, widely occurs in broilers. Some RSS chickens simply exhibit slow growth without pathological changes. An increasing number of studies indicate that broiler strains differ in susceptibility to infectious diseases, most likely due to their genetic differences. The objective of this study was to detect the differentially expressed miRNAs and mRNAs in RSS and normal chickens. By integrating miRNA with mRNA expression
more » ... rofiling, potential molecular mechanisms involved in RSS could be further explored. Twenty-two known miRNAs and 1,159 genes were differentially expressed in RSS chickens compared with normal chickens (P < 0.05). qPCR validation results displayed similar patterns. The differentially expressed genes were primarily involved in energy metabolism pathways. The antisense transcripts were extensively expressed in chicken liver albeit with reduced abundance. Dual-luciferase reporter assay indicated that gga-miR-30b/c directly target CARS through binding to its 3 0 UTR. The miR-30b/c: CARS regulation mainly occurred in liver. In thigh muscle and the hypothalamus, miR-30b/c are expressed at higher levels in RSS chickens compared with normal chickens from 2 to 6 w of age, and notably significant differences are observed at 4 w of age.
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0127342 pmid:26010155 pmcid:PMC4444097 fatcat:ebnbxe7vvzbslj3l2mzwhfy7aq

Comprehensive RNA-Seq transcriptomic profiling across 11 organs, 4 ages, and 2 sexes of Fischer 344 rats

Ying Yu, Chen Zhao, Zhenqiang Su, Charles Wang, James C Fuscoe, Weida Tong, Leming Shi
2014 Scientific Data  
The rat is used extensively by the pharmaceutical, regulatory, and academic communities for safety assessment of drugs and chemicals and for studying human diseases; however, its transcriptome has not been well studied. As part of the SEQC (i.e., MAQC-III) consortium efforts, a comprehensive RNA-Seq data set was constructed using 320 RNA samples isolated from 10 organs (adrenal gland, brain, heart, kidney, liver, lung, muscle, spleen, thymus, and testes or uterus) from both sexes of Fischer 344
more » ... rats across four ages (2-, 6-, 21-, and 104-week-old) with four biological replicates for each of the 80 sample groups (organsex-age). With the Ribo-Zero rRNA removal and Illumina RNA-Seq protocols, 41 million 50 bp single-end reads were generated per sample, yielding a total of 13.4 billion reads. This data set could be used to identify and validate new rat genes and transcripts, develop a more comprehensive rat transcriptome annotation system, identify novel gene regulatory networks related to tissue specific gene expression and development, and discover genes responsible for disease and drug toxicity and efficacy.
doi:10.1038/sdata.2014.13 pmid:25977771 pmcid:PMC4381750 fatcat:drqxbl25nvdd5jqqjm6usink3m

Tet methylcytosine dioxygenase 2 suppresses renal cell cancer proliferation and metastasis by regulating the miR-200c-SCD axis

2021 Biocell (Mendoza)  
Qiu, Xiaoyan Ying, Guang Yang; analysis and interpretation of results: Benjiang Qian, Jianming Tan; draft manuscript preparation: Benjiang Qian.  ...  Author Contribution: The authors confirm contribution to the paper as follows: study conception and design: Benjiang Qian, Jianming Tan, Huizhang Li; data collection: Benjiang Qian, Youfeng Huang, Zhenqiang  ... 
doi:10.32604/biocell.2021.014633 fatcat:jfjp4f7isjg3lopjx23uodlklq

Enhanced magnetocaloric effect and magnetic phase diagrams of single-crystal GdCrO_3 [article]

Yinghao Zhu, Pengfei Zhou, Tao Li, Junchao Xia, Si Wu, Ying Fu, Kaitong Sun, Qian Zhao, Zhen Li, Zikang Tang, Yinguo Xiao, Zhenqiang Chen (+1 others)
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The crystalline structure, magnetism, and magnetocaloric effect of a GdCrO_3 single crystal grown with the laser-diode-heated floating-zone technique have been studied. The GdCrO_3 single crystal crystallizes into an orthorhombic structure with the space group Pmnb at room temperature. Upon cooling, under a magnetic field of 0.1 T, it undergoes a magnetic phase transition at T_N-Cr = 169.28(2) K with Cr^3+ ions forming a canted antiferromagnetic (AFM) structure, accompanied by a weak
more » ... ism. Subsequently, a spin reorientation takes place at T_SR = 5.18(2) K due to Gd^3+-Cr^3+ magnetic couplings. Finally, the long-range AFM order of Gd^3+ ions establishes at T_N-Gd = 2.10(2) K. Taking into account the temperature-(in)dependent components of Cr^3+ moments, we obtained an ideal model in describing the paramagnetic behavior of Gd^3+ ions within 30–140 K. We observed a magnetic reversal (positive → negative → positive) at 50 Oe with a minimum centering around 162 K. In the studied temperature range of 1.8–300 K, there exists a strong competition between magnetic susceptibilities of Gd^3+ and Cr^3+ ions, leading to puzzling magnetic phenomena. We have built the magnetic-field-dependent phase diagrams of T_N-Gd, T_SR, and T_N-Cr, shedding light on the nature of the intriguing magnetism. Moreover, we calculated the magnetic entropy change and obtained a maximum value at 6 K and Δμ_0H = 14 T, i.e., –ΔS_M≈ 57.5 J/kg.K. Among all RECrO_3 (RE = 4f^n rare earths, n = 7–14) compounds, the single-crystal GdCrO_3 compound exhibits the highest magnetic entropy change, as well as an enhanced adiabatic temperature, casting a prominent magnetocaloric effect for potential application in magnetic refrigeration.
arXiv:2009.08028v1 fatcat:lcbgr3x7pnd65p2kbsrxvpypcy

ORGB: Offset correction in RGB color space for illumination-robust image processing

Zhenqiang Ying, Ge Li, Sixin Wen, Guozhen Tan
2017 2017 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP)  
Single materials have colors which form straight lines in RGB space. However, in severe shadow cases, those lines do not intersect the origin, which is inconsistent with the description of most literature. This paper is concerned with the detection and correction of the offset between the intersection and origin. First, we analyze the reason for forming that offset via an optical imaging model. Second, we present a simple and effective way to detect and remove the offset. The resulting images,
more » ... amed ORGB, have almost the same appearance as the original RGB images while are more illumination-robust for color space conversion. Besides, image processing using ORGB instead of RGB is free from the interference of shadows. Finally, the proposed offset correction method is applied to road detection task, improving the performance both in quantitative and qualitative evaluations.
doi:10.1109/icassp.2017.7952418 dblp:conf/icassp/YingLWT17 fatcat:enpdo76ainayfjmpigf5fcv4xq

Multi-Mapping Image-to-Image Translation with Central Biasing Normalization [article]

Xiaoming Yu, Zhenqiang Ying, Thomas Li, Shan Liu, Ge Li
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Ying, T. Li, and G.  ... 
arXiv:1806.10050v5 fatcat:hh3oxom3ibbidiys6brasrcpgm
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