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Przerzut raka jajnika do rdzenia kręgowego - opis przypadku

Adam Wojciech Kłębczyk, Zbigniew Wolszczak, Sławka Urbaniak-Wąsik, Sebastian Podlewski
2021 Oncology in Clinical Practice  
Spinal cord metastatic cancer occurs very rarely in clinical setting. There are only several hundred such cases described. Out of those, in the English PubMed database there are only 7 cases of metastasis of ovarian cancer available. Ovarian cancer spinal cord metastases are usually located in the thoracic part (next -in the cervical spine and in the medullary cone). They may manifest with weakening of muscle strength and sensibility, more rarely in sphincters function disorders. In
more » ... ers. In diagnostics, the magnetic resonanse imaging (MRI) with contrast is the test of choice. In treatment, chemotherapy, radiotherapy (including radiosurgery) and surgery are applied. Unfortunately, prognosis for this cancer is poor. Below there is a description of a case of a 66-year-old patient with 2-year history of serous ovarian cancer treatment. Due to progression of paresis of lower limbs type, spine MRI with contrast was performed and it revealed metastatic lesion in the spinal cord at the level of the medullary con. In the paper, the postoperative result of pathology examination is described.
doi:10.5603/ocp.2020.0045 fatcat:lqm2mdigi5crdpvy43s4sv2heu

The effect of offensive and defensive actions on taekwondo sparring

Jacek Wąsik, Willy Pieter, Zbigniew Borysiuk
2014 Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts  
Wąsik and Ślęzak [21] found that in females competing in the over-70 kg weight division, the technique that was often successful in scoring points included the straight punch.  ...  Total numbers, medians and inter-quartile ranges of (intended) attacks and (intended) counterattacks by performance in male taekwondo athletes (-71 kg) Wąsik J. et al. Taekwondo sparring actions  ... 
doi:10.5604/20815735.1127450 fatcat:lk66mzwsa5e73gh3lujwzt2cpy

Effects of anaerobic fatigue on postural control in taekwondo practitioners

Bożena Wojciechowska-Maszkowska, Zbigniew Borysiuk, Jacek Wąsik, Paweł Janisiów, Dariusz Nawarecki
2012 Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts  
Introduction. Sport training forms and develops specific abilities and motor skills (strategies). It involves an alternating application of training loads and rest intervals. Static postural control determines the effectiveness of human motor function in upright stance. Fatigue, on the other hand, resulting from physical activity, is manifested by a lower performance level and affects an athlete's movement accuracy and speed as well as endurance. The aim of the study was to examine the effects
more » ... xamine the effects of physical exercise (fatigue) on athletes' static postural control by measuring the mean velocity of body sway. Material and methods. Twelve taekwondo practitioners took part in measurements of their body balance control. The stabilographic measurements were carried out with the use of a force platform. Postural control was measured in four tests: with the eyes open and with the eyes closed, pre-and post-exercise (Wingate test). Results. Mean values, mean velocity of body sway taekwondo competitors in traffic levels, in control anterior -posterior plane before the Wingate test: eyes open 12,31 ± 6,1 [mm/s], eyes closed: 13,61 ± 2,9 [mms]. Mean velocity after the Wingate test eyes open 15,39 ± 8,5 [mm/s], eyes closed 18,22 ± 6,2 [mm/s]. The mean values mean velocity in control medial-lateral plane before the Wingate test: eyes open 7,22 ± 2,3 [mm/s] eyes closed 8,74 ± 2,4 [mm/s], and after the Wingate test eyes open 8,91 ± 2,1 [mm/s], eyes closed 10,14 ± 2,9 [mm/s]. Conclusions. Results of the study show that intensive physical exercise has an adverse effect on dynamics of body control. The impairment of erect body position is more pronounced in sagittal plane. In state of fatigue eye sight is an important factor of stable body posture control.
doi:10.5604/20815735.1047656 fatcat:lyg4snmrszhdfbz7erice5rrn4

Potential Antioxidant Activity of Calcium and Selected Oxidative Stress Markers in Lead- and Cadmium-Exposed Workers

Zbigniew Szlacheta, Marta Wąsik, Anna Machoń-Grecka, Aleksandra Kasperczyk, Michał Dobrakowski, Francesco Bellanti, Patryk Szlacheta, Sławomir Kasperczyk, Patricia Morales
2020 Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity  
Occupational lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd) exposure occurs during processing and casting of nonferrous metals such as zinc. In contrast to Pb and Cd, Ca is essential for living organisms due to its important role in a multitude of functions, from cell signaling to bone growth. Pb and Cd exposure affects calcium metabolism in various ways. The aim of this study was to investigate the blood levels of Pb, Cd, and Ca and the levels of selected oxidative stress biomarkers in workers exposed to Pb and
more » ... exposed to Pb and Cd. Population groups included 264 male employees in a lead-zinc smelter. The study population was divided into two subgroups based on the median of Ca serum level (2.42 mmol/l): the low-Ca-level group (L-Ca group) and the high-Ca-level group (H-Ca group). Ca level was significantly higher in the H-Ca group than in the L-Ca group due to the study design (by 26%). The level of zinc protoporphyrin (ZPP) was significantly higher in the L-Ca group than in the H-Ca group by 13%, while the blood lead levels (PbB) were similar in the examined groups. The level of cadmium (CdB) was significantly higher in the L-Ca group than in the H-Ca group by 33%. From oxidative stress markers in serum, only the levels of malondialdehyde (MDA) and ceruloplasmin (CER) were significantly higher in the L-Ca group than in the H-Ca group, by 12% and 4%, respectively. The correlation analysis showed negative correlations between Ca level and the levels of PbB, ZPP, CdB, and MDA. The presented results indicate that Ca level modulates the serum concentration of Cd and has an impact on Pb-induced impairment of heme synthesis. The higher Ca levels may lead to a decrease in the concentration of lipid peroxidation products. Moreover, serum calcium level seems to be able to modify the level of acute-phase proteins. Obtained results suggest that higher Ca level may be useful in reducing Cd level in occupationally exposed workers.
doi:10.1155/2020/8035631 pmid:33082913 pmcid:PMC7558770 fatcat:y6xcjc5p6zh4fjamomahux3wtm

Cervical Cancer Histology, Staging and Survival before and after Implementation of Organised Cervical Screening Programme in Poland

Andrzej Nowakowski, Marek Cybulski, Irmina Buda, Iwona Janosz, Katarzyna Olszak-Wąsik, Piotr Bodzek, Andrzej Śliwczyński, Zbigniew Teter, Anita Olejek, Włodzimierz Baranowski, Marcia Edilaine Lopes Consolaro
2016 PLoS ONE  
A population-based organised cervical cancer screening programme (OCCSP) was introduced in Poland in 2006. In this study we have aimed to analyse whether selected parameters related to invasive cervical cancer (
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0155849 pmid:27196050 pmcid:PMC4873170 fatcat:wzzkgv2ctvgnnmlewyn2cuv6i4

Recent Malignant Melanoma Epidemiology in Upper Silesia, Poland. A Decade-Long Study Focusing on the Agricultural Sector

Andrzej Tukiendorf, Grażyna Kamińska-Winciorek, Marcus Daniel Lancé, Katarzyna Olszak-Wąsik, Zbigniew Szczepanowski, Iwona Kulik-Parobczy, Edyta Idalia Wolny-Rokicka
2021 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health  
The aim of the present study was to create spatial and spatio-temporal patterns of cutaneous malignant melanoma (MM) incidence in Upper Silesia, Poland, using the largest MM database (<4K cases) in Central Europe, focusing on the agricultural sector. The data comprised all the registered cancer cases (C43, according to the International Classification of Diseases after the 10th Revision) between the years 2004–2013 by the Regional Cancer Registries (RCRs) in Opole and Gliwice. The standardized
more » ... . The standardized incidence ratios (SIRs), spatio-temporal growth rates (GRs), and disease cluster relative risks (RRs) were estimated. Based on the regression coefficients, we have indicated irregularities of spatial variance in cutaneous malignant melanoma, especially in older women (≥60), and a possible age-migrating effect of agricultural population density on the risk of malignant melanoma in Upper Silesia. All the estimates were illustrated in choropleth thematic maps.
doi:10.3390/ijerph182010863 pmid:34682617 fatcat:bquuzsxaabcslgxqf2pyqgiihe

Statins Impair Antitumor Effects of Rituximab by Inducing Conformational Changes of CD20

Magdalena Winiarska, Jacek Bil, Ewa Wilczek, Grzegorz M Wilczynski, Malgorzata Lekka, Patrick J Engelberts, Wendy J. M Mackus, Elzbieta Gorska, Lukasz Bojarski, Tomasz Stoklosa, Dominika Nowis, Zuzanna Kurzaj (+15 others)
2008 PLoS Medicine  
Rituximab is used in the treatment of CD20 þ B cell lymphomas and other B cell lymphoproliferative disorders. Its clinical efficacy might be further improved by combinations with other drugs such as statins that inhibit cholesterol synthesis and show promising antilymphoma effects. The objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of statins on rituximab-induced killing of B cell lymphomas. Methods and Findings Complement-dependent cytotoxicity (CDC) was assessed by MTT and Alamar blue
more » ... TT and Alamar blue assays as well as trypan blue staining, and antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) was assessed by a 51 Cr release assay. Statins were found to significantly decrease rituximab-mediated CDC and ADCC of B cell lymphoma cells. Incubation of B cell lymphoma cells with statins decreased CD20 immunostaining in flow cytometry studies but did not affect total cellular levels of CD20 as measured with RT-PCR and Western blotting. Similar effects are exerted by other cholesteroldepleting agents (methyl-b-cyclodextrin and berberine), but not filipin III, indicating that the presence of plasma membrane cholesterol and not lipid rafts is required for rituximabmediated CDC. Immunofluorescence microscopy using double staining with monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) directed against a conformational epitope and a linear cytoplasmic epitope revealed that CD20 is present in the plasma membrane in comparable amounts in control and statin-treated cells. Atomic force microscopy and limited proteolysis indicated that statins, through cholesterol depletion, induce conformational changes in CD20 that result in impaired binding of anti-CD20 mAb. An in vivo reduction of cholesterol induced by short-term treatment of five patients with hypercholesterolemia with atorvastatin resulted in reduced anti-CD20 binding to freshly isolated B cells. Conclusions Statins were shown to interfere with both detection of CD20 and antilymphoma activity of rituximab. These studies have significant clinical implications, as impaired binding of mAbs to conformational epitopes of CD20 elicited by statins could delay diagnosis, postpone effective treatment, or impair anti-lymphoma activity of rituximab.
doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.0050064 pmid:18366248 pmcid:PMC2270297 fatcat:treucozsb5fkbiurb352umz7s4

Influence of acceleration of the fist on the effectiveness of the straight punch in taekwondo

Jacek Wąsik, Zbigniew Borysiuk, Štefan Balkó
& Study Aim:

3rd World Congress of Martial Arts and Sports

Tomasz Góra, Jacek Wąsik
2014 Physical Activity Review  
Jacek Wąsik 4 dan (Poland) -Taekwondo ITF (self-defense and combat sports), Dr. Jaroslaw Maslinski and Maciej Kostrzewa (Poland) -Judo -throwing techniques, Dr.  ...  They could watch people who presented their skills: Dr Gabriel Szajna and a group of Slovak -European historical fencing (sword, rapier and saber), GM Zbigniew Sawicki ( Third World Scientific Congress  ... 
doaj:9726a6fa67574b96afb1f0b21dbe5126 fatcat:bbkecwuhwjacbppc4z2gv6atpi

Report of the 1st World Congress on Health and Martial Artsin Interdisciplinary Approach 17-19 September 2015.Czestochowa

Dorota Ortenburger, Jacek Wasik, Tomasz Góra
2015 Physical Activity Review  
JDU Jacek Wąsik, PhD -Head of the Institute of Physical Education, Tourism and Physioterapy JDU in Czestochowa).  ...  JDU Jacek Wąsik, PhD -Head of the Institute of Physical Education, Tourism and Physioterapy JDU in Czestochowa; Prof.  ... 
doaj:aef2f56abf82412aa2d782cc81b02758 fatcat:f3jtjfdw3jdvhd7fmxd6lgwehm

Zamek krzyżacki w Toruniu XIII–XXI w. Studium historyczno-architektoniczne z katalogiem detalu architektonicznego ze zbiorów Muzeum Okręgowego. Edited by Elżbieta Pilecka, Zbigniew Nawrocki, Romualda Uziembło, and Jadwiga Łukaszewicz

Juliusz Raczkowski
2019 Ordines Militares Colloquia Torunensia Historica  
Pierwsze warownie i obiekty murowane, " Archeologia Historia Polona ( ): by Bogusz Wasik.  ...  Edited by Elżbieta Pilecka, Zbigniew Nawrocki, Romualda Uziembło, and Jadwiga Łukaszewicz. Toruń: Muzeum Okręgowe w Toruniu, . pp.  ... 
doi:10.12775/om.2019.022 fatcat:xtq65mbxinf4jowzxkqaipxns4

Zamek krzyżacki w Toruniu XIII – XXI w. Studium historyczno-architektoniczne z katalogiem detalu architektonicznego ze zbiorów Muzeum Okręgowego w Toruniu, red. Marek Rubnikowicz, Muzeum Okręgowe w Toruniu, Toruń 2017, ss. 243 (Polish)

Sławomir Jóźwiak, Bogusz Wasik
2017 Zapiski Historyczne  
Wasik, Budownictwo zamkowe, s. 253. 11 Por. B.  ...  Zbigniew Nawrocki zaproponował datację wzniesienia skrzydła wschodniego i gdaniska na okres od końca XIII w. do około 1309 r.  ...  Sławomir Jóźwiak (Toruń), Bogusz Wasik (Toruń)  ... 
doi:10.15762/zh.2017.52 fatcat:itfn6dg5wbarfe7jpbyhwf65ja

Bibliografia przekładów literatury polskiej w Bułgarii w 2017 roku

Joanna Mleczko
2019 Przekłady Literatur Słowiańskich  
Gordziej Zbigniew Koleje życia / Prevratnostite na s″dbata, s. 46. Górny Dominik Czytam cię jak jesień / Četa te kato esen, s. 48.  ...  Wasik Wanda A. Godziny / Časovnik, s. 140. Widzowska Agata Piesek / Kučence, s. 144. Zalewska Anna Elżbieta Ucieczki / Bâgstvo, s. 146. Zimny Jerzy Beniamin Dom / K″ŝa, s. 148.  ... 
doi:10.31261/pls.2019.09.03.04 fatcat:3ivhzir535hqzld4ttoytp3ihe

Badania nad średniowiecznymi materiałami budowlanymi z zamku w Radzyniu Chełmińskim

Karolina Witkowska
2018 Acta Universitatis Nicolai Copernici Zabytkoznawstwo i Konserwatorstwo  
Wasik, "Zamek w Radzyniu", 169; Wasik, Budownictwo zamkowe, 299.  ...  Zbigniew Brochwicz, "Zaprawa wapienna jako tworzywo elementów architektonicznych na przykładzie służek w kaplicy zamkowej w Radzyniu Chełmińskim", AUNC.  ... 
doi:10.12775/aunc_zik.2017.002 fatcat:nb4kt4v5vrfmfatmhsvb3dqgxu

Zamki w typie kasztelu jako siedziby dostojników kościelnych w Prusach

Bogusz Wasik
2021 Biuletyn historii sztuki  
Bogusz Wasik i funkcji wnêtrz 5 .  ...  Rys.Bogusz Wasik WASIK, Uk³ad przestrzenny zamku w 1. po³owie XVII wieku, s. 59.  ... 
doi:10.36744/bhs.695 fatcat:joumuatearabbg6amwwvox56ue
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