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An Agent-Based Intelligent HCI Information System in Mixed Reality [article]

Hamed Alqahtani, Charles Z. Liu, Manolya Kavakli-Thorne, Yuzhi Kang
2019 arXiv   pre-print
This paper presents a design of agent-based intelligent HCI (iHCI) system using collaborative information for MR to improve user experience and information security based on context-aware computing. In order to implement target awareness system, we propose the use of non-parameter stochastic adaptive learning and a kernel learning strategy for improving the adaptivity of the recognition. The proposed design involves the use of a context-aware computing strategy to recognize patterns for
more » ... ng human awareness and processing of stereo pattern analysis. It provides a flexible customization method for scene creation and manipulation. It also enables several types of awareness related to the interactive target, user-experience, system performance, confidentiality, and agent identification by applying several strategies, such as context pattern analysis, scalable learning, data-aware confidential computing.
arXiv:1911.02726v1 fatcat:al7kbqooinhr3pshes7tytlgse

Carbon quantum dots enhance the photocatalytic performance of BiVO4 with different exposed facets

Di Tang, Hengchao Zhang, Hui Huang, Ruihua Liu, Yuzhi Han, Yang Liu, Cuiyan Tong, Zhenhui Kang
2013 Dalton Transactions  
Kang, Dalton Trans., 2012, 41, 9526−9531. 2 L. Zhou, W. Z. Wang, S. W. Liu, L. S. Zhang, H. L. Xu and W. Zhu, J. Mol. Catal. A, 2006, 252, 120-124. 3 A. Iwase and A. Kudo, J. Mater.  ... 
doi:10.1039/c3dt50567g pmid:23519004 fatcat:o5synq5mujer7g6gvlsh7wifje

oxLDL-mediated cellular senescence is associated with increased NADPH oxidase p47phox recruitment to caveolae

Jing Wang, Yuzhi Bai, Xia Zhao, Jing Ru, Ning Kang, Tian Tian, Liying Tang, Yun An, Pei Li
2018 Bioscience Reports  
Atherosclerosis develops as a consequence of inflammation and cell senescence. In critical factors involved in the atherosclerotic changes, reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation is considered a leading cause. While NADPH oxidases, particularly NOX2, are the main sources of ROS, how they are regulated in the disease is incompletely understood. In addition, how caveolae, the membrane structure implicated in oxLDL deposition under vascular endothelia, is involved in the oxLDL-mediated ROS
more » ... tion remains mostly elusive. We report here that macrophages exposed to oxLDL up-regulate its caveolin-1 expression, and the latter in turn up-regulates NOX2 p47phox level. This combination effect results in increased cellular senescence. Interestingly, oxLDL treatment causes the p47phox residing in the cytosol to translocate to the caveolae. Immunoprecipitation assays confirms that cavelin-1 is in high degree association with p47phox. These results suggest caveolin-1 may serve as the membrane target for p47phox and as a switch for ROS production following oxLDL exposure. Our results reveal a previously unknown molecular event in oxLDL-mediated cellular ageing, and may provide a target for clinical intervention for atherosclerosis.
doi:10.1042/bsr20180283 pmid:29695496 pmcid:PMC5997791 fatcat:d3odh3zzc5cvzexvc5osr2ges4

Non-metal single/dual doped carbon quantum dots: a general flame synthetic method and electro-catalytic properties

Yuzhi Han, Di Tang, Yanmei Yang, Chuanxi Li, Weiqian Kong, Hui Huang, Yang Liu, Zhenhui Kang
2015 Nanoscale  
doi:10.1039/c4nr07116f pmid:25771786 fatcat:lf25a2rj7nchfdw52ubbb7ivsq

A high-performance reduced graphene oxide/ZnCo layered double hydroxide electrocatalyst for efficient water oxidation

Di Tang, Yuzhi Han, Wenbin Ji, Shi Qiao, Xin Zhou, Ruihua Liu, Xiao Han, Hui Huang, Yang Liu, Zhenhui Kang
2014 Dalton Transactions  
Figure S1. Raman spectra (ex = 633 nm) of RGO/ZnCo-LDH hybrid and pristine ZnCo-LDH materials. (The D-band, G-band and 2D-band are the characteristic peaks of RGO.) Figure S2. Linear scan voltammograms (LSV) curves for OER of bare GC electrode, ZnO, Zn-OH, Co 3 O 4 , Co-OH, pure ZnCo-LDH materials, and RGO/ZnCo-LDH hybird in 0.1 M KOH at the same loading (0.25 mg/cm 2 ), respectively. Electronic Supplementary Material (ESI) for Dalton Transactions. This journal is
doi:10.1039/c4dt01924e pmid:25178089 fatcat:zshnztksdfd6hcalvdznmy273a

Boosting charge separation and nitrogen vacancies in graphitic carbon nitride by implanted strontium vanadate for highly efficient photocatalytic reduction of hexavalent chromium

Yuzhi Zhou, Shi-Zhao Kang, Lixia Qin, Xiangqing Li
2021 RSC Advances  
A well-dispersed strontium vanadate implanted into graphitic carbon nitride showed excellent photocatalytic activity for Cr(vi) reduction. The improved charge separation owing to more nitrogen vacancies was the main reason for its enhanced activity.
doi:10.1039/d1ra01489g pmid:35481208 pmcid:PMC9030169 fatcat:frcfwseuhjfljcytoq4v3rs5qy

Porous cobalt, nitrogen-codoped carbon nanostructures from carbon quantum dots and VB12 and their catalytic properties for oxygen reduction

Yanmei Yang, Juan Liu, Yuzhi Han, Hui Huang, Naiyun Liu, Yang Liu, Zhenhui Kang
2014 Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP  
doi:10.1039/c4cp04119d pmid:25338313 fatcat:xuiwhlglcfcurdfqdczu3knk5y

Solution-based fabrication of vanadium dioxide on F:SnO2 substrates with largely enhanced thermochromism and low-emissivity for energy-saving applications

Zongtao Zhang, Yanfeng Gao, Hongjie Luo, Litao Kang, Zhang Chen, Jing Du, Minoru Kanehira, Yuzhi Zhang, Zhong Lin Wang
2011 Energy & Environmental Science  
Vanadium dioxide is a key material for thermochromic smart windows that can respond to environmental temperatures to modulate near infrared irradiation from a transparent state at low-temperature to an opaque state at high-temperature while maintaining the visible transmittance. This paper reports a novel VO 2 /FTO/ glass multi-layered structure, which shows promising optical properties for application to energy-efficient smart windows. VO 2 thin films are deposited on F-doped SnO 2 (FTO)
more » ... s by annealing a precursor film that is obtained via a solution-based process. The rutile-structured FTO substrate enhances the crystallinity of the VO 2 films and lowers the synthesis temperature to $390 C. The VO 2 /FTO/substrate double-layered films show both improved low-emissivity performance and distinct thermochromic properties. For a 65 nm thick VO 2 /FTO substrate double-layered film, low emissivities of 0.19 and 0.27 before and after the metal-insulator phase transition (MIPT) are obtained, while a solar transmittance modulation efficiency (h, in the wavelength range of 280-2600 nm) of 4.9% is achieved. A TiO 2 anti-reflective coating (ARC) is incorporated to form a three-layered TiO 2 /VO 2 /FTO/substrate structure to boost the integrated visible transmittance (T vis ) while maintaining the low-emissivity performance. A 29.4% improvement for T vis from 34.0% to 44.0% at room temperature is achieved for a 55 nm thick VO 2 film coated with a TiO 2 layer while emissivities of 0.13 and 0.24 before and after MIPT are maintained. Moreover, h is also increased significantly, from 4.3% for the VO 2 /FTO/substrate structure to 8.8% for the TiO 2 /VO 2 /FTO/substrate structure. Our results demonstrate a new approach of combining both thermochromism and low-emissivity performance for applications such as VO 2 -based energy-saving windows.
doi:10.1039/c1ee02092g fatcat:rrpr5hap3fhbbjcgdky5itihfe

Page 5322 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 92j [page]

1992 Mathematical Reviews  
92j:01006 92j:01006 01A25 Jami, Catherine Classification en mathématiques: la structure de l’encyclopédie Yuzhi shuli jingyun (1723).  ...  We consider Ming Da Xiang’s work to be an important achievement of the mathematics of the Qing dynasty.” 92j:01009 01A25 01A20 01A27 Shen, Kang Shen (PRC-HNG); Xie, Ting Fan (PRC-HNG); Han, Xiang Lin (  ... 

Author Index

2021 2021 6th International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Signal Processing (ICSP)  
, He ꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏ 254 Kang, Lei ꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏ 265 Kang,  ...  Yuanzhi ꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏ 590 Li, Yun ꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏꞏ 609 Li, Yuzhi  ... 
doi:10.1109/icsp51882.2021.9408810 fatcat:2n7tylosxnhcfnylq4cc7igqe4

On the Differences of Early Utopian Visions Between China and Western Society

Written by SHI Ran, Trans. by YU Ya-ping
2017 Journal of Literature and Art Studies  
"The Peach Blossom Source" by Tao Yuanming in East Jin Dynasty, "An Island State" by Wang Yucheng in North Song Dynasty and "A Secluded Place in Xijing" by Kang Yuzhi in South Song Dynasty all portrayed  ...  "A Secluded Place in Xijing" by Kang Yuzhi mentioned, "in this place, clothes, food, livestock, silk, and fiber are shared by all, and are not allowed to be privately owned", which elaborated the idea  ... 
doi:10.17265/2159-5836/2017.11.005 fatcat:s5qxeecqi5aqbibxxe7cb4qq3q

NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Real Image Denoising: Dataset, Methods and Results [article]

Abdelrahman Abdelhamed, Mahmoud Afifi, Radu Timofte, Michael S. Brown, Yue Cao, Zhilu Zhang, Wangmeng Zuo, Xiaoling Zhang, Jiye Liu, Wendong Chen, Changyuan Wen, Meng Liu (+78 others)
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Pengliang Tang Affiliations: Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Rainbow Title: Densely Self-guided Wavelet Network for Image Denoising Members: Wei Liu (, Qiong Yan, Yuzhi  ...  Gregory Slabaugh, Youliang Yan Affiliations: Huawei Technologies Research and Development (UK) Ltd, Noah's Ark Lab London NCIA-Lab Title: SAID: Symmetric Architecture for Image Denoising Members: Myungjoo Kang  ... 
arXiv:2005.04117v1 fatcat:iwtpyxikerbqhhvkpmwghqxeke

AIM 2020 Challenge on Efficient Super-Resolution: Methods and Results [article]

Kai Zhang, Martin Danelljan, Yawei Li, Radu Timofte, Jie Liu, Jie Tang, Gangshan Wu, Yu Zhu, Xiangyu He, Wenjie Xu, Chenghua Li, Cong Leng (+73 others)
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Title: Adaptively Multi-gradients Auxiliary Feature Learning for Efficient Superresolution Members: Xuehui Wang 1,2 (, Qiong Yan 1 , Yuzhi Zhao 3 , Long Chen 2 Affiliation:  ...  , Northwestern Polytechnical University, China MLVC Title: Multi Attention Feature Fusion Super-Resolution Network Members: Abdul Muqeet 1 (, Jiwon Hwang 1 , Subin Yang 1 , JungHeum Kang  ... 
arXiv:2009.06943v1 fatcat:2s7k5wsgsjgo5flnqaby26cn64

Page 6 of Applied Physics. A and B Vol. B50, Issue 1 [page]

1990 Applied Physics. A and B  
Strumia Correction of Schwarzschild Gauge for the Strong Gravitation ee ee ee Song Minzhao Holography and Information Processing Bionocular Stereoscopic Holograms for Three Dimension SS ere ire eer Kang  ...  Haiguang XeCl Laser Induced Excitation Reaction of Cerium Separa- Diecrseresawseeverssasevebrerecs Zhou Zhengzhuo Resonance Fluorescence Shift in Mg Atomic Isotopes by UV ME occa ba nalecn Seek Wang Yuzhi  ... 

Table of Contents

2021 2021 6th International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Signal Processing (ICSP)  
Resource Management and Distribution in the Context Xuan Zhou, Xuefeng Wei A Novel Framework for Lymphatic Invasion Detection Based on Efficient Medical Images Translation Network Zixu Tong, Yuxin Kang  ...  Personalized Treatment Based on Signal Processing and Random Forest Jiemei Chen, Peiyu He, Fan Pan 470 Design and Implementation of Dance Teaching System Based on Unity3DFengTian, Yichen Zhu, Yuzhi  ... 
doi:10.1109/icsp51882.2021.9408795 fatcat:kfr5wzmfqjhhrhwsh4mge3us6q
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