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Associação entre líquen plano oral e hepatite C: relato de caso

Matheus Sampaio de Oliveira, Pâmela Gomes Silva, Yuri de Lima Medeiros, Lauane Alves Rocha, Eduardo Machado Vilela
2020 HU Revista  
Introdução: Hepatite C (HCV) é um problema de saúde pública de sintomatologia silenciosa.  ...  Matheus Sampaio de Oliveira¹ Pâmela Gomes Silva¹ Yuri de Lima Medeiros¹ Lauane Alves Rocha¹ Eduardo Machado Vilela² 1 2 emocionais, predisposição genética, mecanismos imunológicos, reações  ...  O anti-HCV foi positivo confirmando o quadro de hepatite C. Para tratamento das lesões orais foi prescrito propionato de clobetasol 0,05% para bochecho três vezes ao dia durante 15 dias.  ... 
doi:10.34019/1982-8047.2020.v46.30292 doaj:9df872a0d7504a99a25f3b36367518fd fatcat:nucmew7tq5btzjtbamdhpf7jai

Herpetofauna em um fragmento de Floresta Atlântica no Estado da Paraíba, Região Nordeste do Brasil

Gindomar Gomes Santana, Washington L. S. Vieira, Gentil A. Pereira-Filho, Fagner R. Delfim, Yuri C. Lima, Kleber S. Vieira
2008 Biotemas  
D = Diurno; N = Noturno e N/C = Crepuscular/Noturno.  ...  Abrantes e Sidclay C. Dias pela colaboração durante as atividades de campo.  ... 
doi:10.5007/2175-7925.2008v21n1p75 fatcat:vfbnxrmhfbdynh4xrvwjq7risa

GALS – setup for production and study of heavy neutron rich nuclei

Sergey Zemlyanoy, Valery Zagrebaev, Eduard Kozulin, Yury Kudryavtsev, Valentin Fedosseev, Robert Bark, Zenon Janas, Hosam Othman, C. Simenel, P.R.S. Gomes, D.J. Hinde, N. Madhavan (+2 others)
2015 EPJ Web of Conferences  
The present limits of the upper part of the nuclear map are very close to stability while the unexplored area of heavy neutron-rich nuclides along the neutron closed shell N = 126 below 208 Pb is extremely important for nuclear astrophysics investigations and, in particular, for the understanding of the r-process of astrophysical nucleosynthesis. This area of the nuclear map can be reached neither in fusion-fission reactions nor in fragmentation processes widely used nowadays for the production
more » ... of exotic nuclei. A new way was recently proposed for the production of these nuclei via low-energy multi-nucleon transfer reactions. The estimated yields of neutron-rich nuclei are found to be significantly high in such reactions and several tens of new nuclides can be produced, for example, in the near-barrier collision of 136 Xe with 208 Pb. A new setup is proposed to produce and study heavy neutron-rich nuclei located along the neutron closed shell N=126.
doi:10.1051/epjconf/20158600067 fatcat:gfsl2q3rmbddlgshpjtsmrqjo4

Microscopic Calculation of Astrophysical S-factor and Branching Ratio for the3H(α, γ)7Li Reaction

Alexander S. Solovyev, Sergey Yu. Igashov, Yury M. Tchuvill'sky, C. Simenel, P.R.S. Gomes, D.J. Hinde, N. Madhavan, A. Navin, K.E. Rehm
2015 EPJ Web of Conferences  
¨¸ © ¹ (2 1) f (2 i 1) 1) © ¹ c (1) where E J is the energy of emitted photon.  ...  C S Q of the total WF satisfy the infinite set of linear uniform algebraic equations [ C S Q are necessary for calculation of the cross section (1) and the astrophysical S-factor (2) for the 3 H(D, J  ... 
doi:10.1051/epjconf/20158600054 fatcat:siepyqnfebbmlginclxobscuf4

Management of neuropathy musculoskeletal deficits is much more than general global exercises: physiotherapy-based programs for diabetes long-term complications

Isabel C. N. Sacco, Eneida Yuri Suda, Aline A. Gomes
2017 Journal of applied physiology  
TO THE EDITOR: We read with interest the Physiology in Medicine review by Allen et al. (1) on the role of the neuromuscular consequences of diabetic neuropathy (DPN). Three main points in the review deserve attention and should be further discussed. First, DPN-related motor unit (MU) loss is suggested to be linked with the duration and severity of DPN. However, the literature shows that changes in motor function are observed in the early onset of diabetes (10, 12), and functional alterations
more » ... present despite the absence of structural alterations (7). A reduction in motor conduction velocity is observed even before the loss of muscle strength or early DPN sensory symptoms, suggesting that the progression of diabetes is coincident in neuromuscular and sensory systems (3, 5). Changes in electrical muscle activity during gait (11) and in isometric force (10) were described in diabetics without DPN, and in early DPN stages, proving that motor involvements are not related to DPN duration or severity, as stated in the review. Second, the reason given for the decrease in skeletal muscle contractile properties deserves attention and revision. Authors affirm a preferential loss of type II MU; however, biopsy studies demonstrate a preferential loss of type I fibers in diabetic subjects (4, 6), which was corroborated with experimental animal models (2). Also, scientific evidence indicates a shift in fiber type proportion, confirming the maintenance of more type II fibers in diabetics (6). Corroborating these findings, studies of muscle fiber conduction velocity in isometric tasks point to a preferential loss of type I fibers in diabetic and DPN patients (3). Therefore, the statement that DPN causes a preferential loss of type II MU cannot be made. The supposedly late impairment of the motor system in the course of DPN and the maintenance of type I fibers seem inconsistent with the literature, and a review paper, such as this (1), should have drawn attention to this fact, reinforcing the need for further investigations. Lastly, the review (1) discusses that exercise therapy appears to be a promising preventive strategy for patients with DPN. However, the authors included in their list only general exercise programs including aerobics, strength, or balance training for global musculatures focusing only benefiting glycemic control. The authors did not mention any of the published
doi:10.1152/japplphysiol.00128.2017 pmid:28637833 fatcat:lftjtbcjbbb6lmg6luqeschq2q

A population-based screening for hepatitis C antibodies and active infection using a point-of-care test in a low prevalence area

Ângela Carvalho-Gomes, Almudena Cubells, Carmina Pallarés, Vanessa Hontangas, Isabel Conde, Tomasso Di Maira, Salvador Peiró, Gabriel Sanfélix-Gimeno, F. Xavier López-Labrador, Marina Berenguer, Yury E. Khudyakov
2020 PLoS ONE  
Data on the true prevalence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in the general population is essential.  ...  Xavier López-Labrador, Marina Berenguer. curation: Â ngela Carvalho-Gomes, Almudena Cubells, Carmina Pallarés, Isabel Conde, Salvador Peiró, Marina Berenguer. analysis: Â ngela Carvalho-Gomes, Salvador  ...  (c) IFN = interferon. RBV = ribavirin; F = fibrosis.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0228351 pmid:32045417 pmcid:PMC7012430 fatcat:3whf3fajfnhpbl4y537ysu7xb4

Maintenance framework to address the interaction of components using simulation

Luiz Augusto G. Franzese, Daniel de Oliveira Mota, Marcelo Moretti Fioroni, Yuri Amaral C. L. Mourao, Douglas Jose da Silva, Isac Reis Santana, Johanna Gomez Quevedo, Farley Santos Ribeiro, Marcelo Nazaro Silva, Fernando A. Lage Goncalves, Thiago A. M. Brandao Diniz, Marcelo Barcelos Gomes
2011 Proceedings of the 2011 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC)  
Franzese, Mota, Fioroni, Mourão, Ribeiro, Silva, Gonçalves, Diniz, Silva, Gomes, Santana, and Quevedo The first type occurs in random intervals.  ...  Furthermore, even the most reliable machine Franzese, Mota, Fioroni, Mourão, Ribeiro, Silva, Gonçalves, Diniz, Silva, Gomes, Santana, and Quevedo experience failures.  ...  Franzese, Mota, Fioroni, Mourão, Ribeiro, Silva, Gonçalves, Diniz, Silva, Gomes, Santana, JOHANNA GÓMEZ QUEVEDO is a simulation consultant with a Production Engineering degree, an MSc. in Production  ... 
doi:10.1109/wsc.2011.6147800 dblp:conf/wsc/FranzeseMFMSSQRSGDG11 fatcat:qf3ladqulrbgnh2k5vthxaopza

HIV-1, HBV, HCV, HTLV, HPV-16/18, and Treponema pallidum Infections in a Sample of Brazilian Men Who Have Sex with Men

Caroline C. Soares, Ingebourg Georg, Elisabeth Lampe, Lia Lewis, Mariza G. Morgado, Alcina F. Nicol, Adriana A. Pinho, Regina C. S. Salles, Sylvia L. M. Teixeira, Ana Carolina P. Vicente, Raphael P. Viscidi, Selma A. Gomes (+1 others)
2014 PLoS ONE  
Hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) are the major etiological agents of chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, and hepatocellular carcinoma, and the World Health Organization has estimated that  ...  Hepatitis C remains a major global health problem; however, since the initiation of blood screening requirements in most countries, transmission by blood or blood products in developed and many developing  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0102676 pmid:25083768 pmcid:PMC4118852 fatcat:rdcr6yosancopoot4qmkbx3o5a

Genome-wide association analysis of feed intake and residual feed intake in Nellore cattle

Miguel HA Santana, Yuri T Utsunomiya, Haroldo HR Neves, Rodrigo C Gomes, José F Garcia, Heidge Fukumasu, Saulo L Silva, Gerson A Oliveira Junior, Pâmela A Alexandre, Paulo R Leme, Ricardo A Brassaloti, Luiz L Coutinho (+4 others)
2014 BMC Genetics  
c d  ...  The samples were stored at 4°C for late DNA extraction by NaCl precipitation [40] . After extraction, the quality of the DNA samples was assessed by determining the ratio A260/280 in biophotometer.  ... 
doi:10.1186/1471-2156-15-21 pmid:24517472 pmcid:PMC3925773 fatcat:2coggckkmfc7bj7hoo2veqhxua

Application of protein profiling of virulent Haemophilus parasuis by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry

Luisa Z. Moreno, Givago F. R. Silva, Vasco T. M. Gomes, Carlos E. C. Matajira, Ana Paula S. Silva, Renan E. Mesquita, Nicholas P. Lotto, Thais S. P. Ferreira, Ana Paula G. Christ, Maria Inês Z. Sato, Yuri Gherpelli, Michele Dottori (+3 others)
2016 Journal of Infection in Developing Countries  
This item has no abstract. Follow the links below to access the full text.
doi:10.3855/jidc.7787 pmid:27367019 fatcat:tdq6qa5fcfaonpzngcjlu4tu6i

A search for rotation periods in 1000 TESS objects of interest [article]

Bruno L. Canto Martins, Roseane L. Gomes, Yuri S. Messias, Suzierly R. de Lira, Izan C. Leão, Leonardo A. Almeida, Márcio A. Teixeira, Maria L. das Chagas, Jenny P. Bravo, Asnakew Bewketu Belete, José R. De Medeiros
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The high quality light curves from the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) represent a unique laboratory for the study of stellar rotation, a fundamental observable driving stellar and planetary evolution, including planetary atmospheres and impacting on habitability conditions and the genesis of life around stars. As of April 14th 2020, this mission delivered public light curves for 1000 TESS Objects of Interest (TOIs), observed with 2 minute cadence during the first 20 months of the
more » ... ission. Here, we present a search for rotation signatures in these TOIs, using Fast Fourier Transform, Lomb-Scargle, and wavelet techniques, accompanied by a rigorous visual inspection. This effort revealed 163 targets with rotation signatures, 131 of which present unambiguous rotation periods ranging from 0.321 and 13.219 days, whereas 32 of them present dubious rotation periodicities. One hundred and nine of these stars show flux fluctuations whose root-cause is not clearly identified. For 714 TOIs, the light curves show a noisy behavior, corresponding to typically low-amplitude signals. Our analysis has also revealed 10 TOI stars with pulsation periodicities ranging from 0.049 to 2.995 days and four eclipsing binaries. With upcoming TESS data releases, our periodicity analysis will be expanded to almost all TOI stars, thereby contributing in defining criteria for follow-up strategy itself, and the study of star-planet interactions, surface dynamic of host stars and habitability conditions in planets, among other aspects. In this context, a living catalog is maintained on the Filtergraph visualization portal at the URL
arXiv:2007.03079v3 fatcat:utp5hunbpjcz5myqb52h3vmdjy


Paulo Alexandre Lima Santiago, Sarah Raquel Silveira da Silva Santiago, Aldalúcia Macêdo dos Santos Gomes, Keila Dayane do E. Santo Pereira, Janderson da Costa Barroso, Yuri Vinicius Veríssimo Lima, Elizabeth C. Abrantes de Oliveira
2021 Brazilian Journal of Development  
Porém, esse processo gerava subprodutos indesejáveis como furfurais ou compostos coloridos (GOMES et al., 2007) .  ...  As αamilase de organismos como Thermococcus agregans e Pirococccus furiosus produzem pullulanases que atuam a 100°C e 105 °C, respectivamente(VIEILLE e ZEIKUS, 2001).  ... 
doi:10.34117/bjdv7n1-667 fatcat:f7co2p3mjzdufggewyyp3n4y4y

ABC2-SPH risk score for in-hospital mortality in COVID-19 patients: development, external validation and comparison with other available scores

Milena S. Marcolino, Magda C. Pires, Lucas Emanuel F. Ramos, Rafael T. Silva, Luana M. Oliveira, Rafael L.R. Carvalho, Rodolfo Lucas S. Mourato, Adrián Sánchez-Montalvá, Berta Raventós, Fernando Anschau, José Miguel Chatkin, Matheus C.A. Nogueira (+106 others)
2021 International Journal of Infectious Diseases  
Seven significant variables were included in the risk score: age, blood urea nitrogen, number of comorbidities, C-reactive protein, SpO2/FiO2 ratio, platelet count, and heart rate.  ...  AUC: area under the curve; BMI: body mass index; CI: confidence interval; CPOD: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; CPR: C-reactive protein; CT: computed tomography; DLN: deep learning networks; DM:  ...  Weng Age, neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio, D-dimer and Yes Nomogram and 0.921 0.975 (0.947-1.0) Small sample size for development and ( Weng et al., C-reactive protein obtained on admission logistic regression  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ijid.2021.07.049 pmid:34311100 pmcid:PMC8302820 fatcat:xjdnxsql4jfgldjzleturdvlfu

Page 6029 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 2001H [page]

2001 Mathematical Reviews  
See *01056 Golubitsky, Martin ..... 01047,34060,76039 II coc cccccesesueeskixnc 47077 ENE svitsbboatensucwee eas 94008 Gomes, Gracinda M.S. ............. 20092 Gomes, M. .... See Gomes, Marcelo O. C.  ...  Gupta, Ramesh C. ... Gupta, Sanjiv Kumar Gupta, Sat N. Guralnik, Gerald Gurevich, B.M. ...... Gurevich, Yuri ........ Gurka, Petr ........... Giirses, Metin Eee Gurvich, Vladimir Guseinov, R.  ... 


Wilson Flavio Feltrim Roseghini
2013 Revista Brasileira de Climatologia  
doi:10.5380/abclima.v12i1.34680 fatcat:ghpj6xwsu5b63ijwjxlfxhogwy
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