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Blending Diverse Physical Priors with Neural Networks [article]

Yunhao Ba, Guangyuan Zhao, Achuta Kadambi
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Machine learning in context of physical systems merits a re-examination of the learning strategy. In addition to data, one can leverage a vast library of physical prior models (e.g. kinematics, fluid flow, etc) to perform more robust inference. The nascent sub-field of physics-based learning (PBL) studies the blending of neural networks with physical priors. While previous PBL algorithms have been applied successfully to specific tasks, it is hard to generalize existing PBL methods to a wide
more » ... ge of physics-based problems. Such generalization would require an architecture that can adapt to variations in the correctness of the physics, or in the quality of training data. No such architecture exists. In this paper, we aim to generalize PBL, by making a first attempt to bring neural architecture search (NAS) to the realm of PBL. We introduce a new method known as physics-based neural architecture search (PhysicsNAS) that is a top-performer across a diverse range of quality in the physical model and the dataset.
arXiv:1910.00201v1 fatcat:ixzodscwu5gutbv3zbaozil7wi

Visual Physics: Discovering Physical Laws from Videos [article]

Pradyumna Chari, Chinmay Talegaonkar, Yunhao Ba, Achuta Kadambi
2019 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we teach a machine to discover the laws of physics from video streams. We assume no prior knowledge of physics, beyond a temporal stream of bounding boxes. The problem is very difficult because a machine must learn not only a governing equation (e.g. projectile motion) but also the existence of governing parameters (e.g. velocities). We evaluate our ability to discover physical laws on videos of elementary physical phenomena, such as projectile motion or circular motion. These
more » ... mentary tasks have textbook governing equations and enable ground truth verification of our approach.
arXiv:1911.11893v1 fatcat:ilzvb33jjjhgvcisnsgkfbcgrm

The Conceptual Metaphor of Governance in The Governance of China

Xiaochuan Tian, Yunhao Ba, Xinyu Zhang
2021 OALib  
For example, "dào cǎo rén," "dìng dìng zǐ," "shí liú zǐ," "kěn yìng gǔ tóu," and "gōng chéng zhài."  ... 
doi:10.4236/oalib.1108147 fatcat:65lsr75icrglxjayu27y7icnxu

Deep Shape from Polarization [article]

Yunhao Ba, Alex Ross Gilbert, Franklin Wang, Jinfa Yang, Rui Chen, Yiqin Wang, Lei Yan, Boxin Shi, Achuta Kadambi
2020 arXiv   pre-print
This paper makes a first attempt to bring the Shape from Polarization (SfP) problem to the realm of deep learning. The previous state-of-the-art methods for SfP have been purely physics-based. We see value in these principled models, and blend these physical models as priors into a neural network architecture. This proposed approach achieves results that exceed the previous state-of-the-art on a challenging dataset we introduce. This dataset consists of polarization images taken over a range of
more » ... object textures, paints, and lighting conditions. We report that our proposed method achieves the lowest test error on each tested condition in our dataset, showing the value of blending data-driven and physics-driven approaches.
arXiv:1903.10210v2 fatcat:u34mldx2ybb5raxjxxksrbffke

GIS, prosopography and history

Peter K. Bol
2012 Annals of GIS  
Chengdu : Ba Shu shu she , 2001. Wang Zicai , and Feng Yunhao . Ye Shi . Ye Shi Ji . Beijing : Zhonghua shuju , 1961. Zhou Mengjiang . Ye Shi Yu Yongjia Xue Pai .  ...  Da Jun Shou Chen Yi Ti Kao (Chengdu: Ba Shu shu she, 2001), Song Liang Hu Da Jun Shou Chen Yi Ti Kao (Chengdu: Ba Shu shu she, 2001), Song Liang Huai Da Jun Shou Chen Yi Ti Kao (Chengdu: Ba Shu shu she  ... 
doi:10.1080/19475683.2011.647077 fatcat:dfww4gmaozct3jtseb5kvw63ny

In-plane ordering of O vacancies in a high-Tc cuprate superconductor with compressed Cu-O octahedrons: a first-principles cluster expansion study [article]

Yunhao Li, Shiqiao Du, Zheng-Yu Weng, Zheng Liu
2019 arXiv   pre-print
We take 2 4 2 2 CuO CuO (1 ) 2 2 Ba Ba E E δ δ − +   as the reference energy at any .  ...  The green, purple and red colors represent Ba, Cu, O atoms, respectively. (b) The presence of in-plane O vacancies in the CuO2 plane can be mapped to an Ising-like lattice.  ... 
arXiv:1909.08304v2 fatcat:s7p6krjbp5gutg2c4tl5og2eda

Table of Contents

2020 2020 Management Science Informatization and Economic Innovation Development Conference (MSIEID)  
China), Rui Zhang (Xiamen University of Technology, China), and Qiaozhen Lin (Xiamen University of Technology, China) Research on an Interpretable Real-Time Information Recommendation Model Based on BAS-ICF  ...  Technology, China) Comparison between Autoregression Model and Gaussian Process Model on Stock Price Prediction: A Case Study with the Microsoft Stock 164 Ruihan Zhang (Renmin University of China, China), Yunhao  ... 
doi:10.1109/msieid52046.2020.00004 fatcat:ycmp4amwljh2rmw6syni2jzz2q

A Distributed Benchmarking Framework for Actual ET Models [chapter]

Yann Chemin
2012 Evapotranspiration - Remote Sensing and Modeling  
One of the many candidate for inclusion was the Two-Source Algorithm (TSA) from Yunhao et al. (2005) .  ...  The first equation answers to the geographical two-source proportion within the pixel, while the second equation answers to the two-source flux merging according to Yunhao et al. (2005) .  ... 
doi:10.5772/23571 fatcat:32j3sbdjkjdrhnryfn636onfqi

Facile Fabrication of Bio‐ and Dual‐Functional Poly(2‐oxazoline) Bottle‐Brush Brush Surfaces

Tao Zhang, Yunhao Du, Dan Gieseler, Maximilian Schneider, Daniel Hafner, Wenbo Sheng, Wei Li, Fred Lange, Erik Wegener, Ihsan Amin, Rainer Jordan
2019 Chemistry - A European Journal  
[5b] The resultant PIPOx brusha nd POx BBB show homogeneous surface morphologies with low roughness (Rms) of 1.8 and 1.2 nm, respectively,a si nvestigated by AFM (Figure S2 ba nd S2 f).  ... 
doi:10.1002/chem.201905326 pmid:31826315 pmcid:PMC7064997 fatcat:sfjdezg4bnfcfl3bysxs5ptila

Rumor Spreading and Degree-Related Preference Mechanism on a Small-World Network

Zhi Zhu, Fengjian Liu, Dongsheng Liao
2012 Sociology Mind  
The number of nodes supporting rumor 1 and 2 is well approximated, which is similar in BA networks as the critical degree m 0 is increased.  ...  A variant of the threshold model has been used, for example, in (Guardiola, 2002) for describing diffusion of innovations in a population, and the effects of network topology have been analyzed by Yunhao  ... 
doi:10.4236/sm.2012.24061 fatcat:md2tcks3qvbizk7jbamfmcfbom

A facile, versatile approach to hydroxyl-anchored metal oxides with high Cr(VI) adsorption performance in water treatment

Ji Ma, SiZhi Zuo-Jiang, Yunhao He, Qinglei Sun, Yunguo Wang, Wei Liu, Shuangshuang Sun, Kezheng Chen
2016 Royal Society Open Science  
Ba(II), Pb(II), Cd(III), Cr(III), Cr(VI), As(III), As(V), Co(II), Cu(II), Ni(II), Zn(II) and Hg(II)) in water has become a topic of worldwide concern as it brings many severe challenges to the public health  ... 
doi:10.1098/rsos.160524 pmid:28018639 pmcid:PMC5180137 fatcat:e3ysxlglgzbyzkx5bdz3lw3umu

Effects of Electron Microscope Parameters and Sample Thickness on High Angle Annular Dark Field Imaging

Pucheng Yang, Zheng Li, Yi Yang, Rui Li, Lufei Qin, Yunhao Zou, Ovidiu Cretu
2022 Scanning  
Besides, the spots of Ba atom are larger at small convergence angle, but smaller at large convergence angle.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2022/8503314 pmid:35360524 pmcid:PMC8958084 fatcat:xh2ilitc3zgwnkut5j4sd22svy

Éloge de la pause : aperçu des signes de ponctuation dans les Festes nouvelles manuscrites et imprimées (XIVe-XVIe siècles)

Yunhao Na, Peking University (China)
2021 Çédille: Revista de Estudios Franceses  
En répondant à ce besoin venant du bas, un texte devient donc de plus en plus sectionné, morcelé ou même parcellisé dans les moindres détails.  ...  Si la pratique de cette coupure dans (1d) correspond à l'attente d'un lecteur moderne -un point au bas de la ligne suivi d'une initiale majuscule de la phrase suivante, la pratique dans (1a) et (1b) -la  ... 
doi:10.25145/j.cedille.2021.19.11 fatcat:irhigzavh5fizlheg7g5cqho2a

Imaging Insights of Isolated Idiopathic Dystonia: Voxel-Based Morphometry and Activation Likelihood Estimation Studies

Yunhao Wu, Chao Zhang, Yufei Li, Jie Feng, Ming Zhang, Hongxia Li, Tao Wang, Yingying Zhang, Zhijia Jin, Chencheng Zhang, Yuyao Zhang, Dianyou Li (+3 others)
2022 Frontiers in Neurology  
Peak MNI coordinate TABLE 3 | 3 Continued Peak MNI coordinate TABLE 3 | 3 Continued Peak MNI coordinate BA, Brodmann's Area; AAL, Anatomical Automatic Labeling; R, right; L, left; -, not defined.  ...  The GMV in the bilateral temporal gyrus, parahippocampal gyrus, left frontal gyrus (mainly located in left BA9, 10, 44), left pre/postcentral gyrus (BA 4), and cerebellum posterior lobe (vermis_4_5, vermis  ... 
doi:10.3389/fneur.2022.823882 pmid:35557619 pmcid:PMC9087834 fatcat:4xz2yq4cc5dgfdsoz4ut7octee

Taylor Expansion of Discount Factors [article]

Yunhao Tang, Mark Rowland, Rémi Munos, Michal Valko
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Yunhao thanks Tadashi Kozuno and Shipra Agrawal for discussions on the discrepancy between policy gradient theory and practices.  ...  Yunhao acknowledges the support from Google Cloud Platform for computational resources. The authors also thank Pooria Joulani for reviewing a draft of the paper.  ...  Both parameters θ, φ are trained with the Adam optimizer (Kingma and Ba, 2014) with learning rate α = 3 · 10 −4 .  ... 
arXiv:2106.06170v2 fatcat:jr4c7d3ohvf6xhl4i6mgnjfknm
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