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Organoid-based regenerative medicine for inflammatory bowel disease

Ryuichi Okamoto, Hiromichi Shimizu, Kohei Suzuki, Ami Kawamoto, Junichi Takahashi, Mao Kawai, Sayaka Nagata, Yui Hiraguri, Sayaka Takeoka, Hady Yuki Sugihara, Shiro Yui, Mamoru Watanabe
2020 Regenerative Therapy  
Yui et al. further developed an original culture method using collagen instead of Matrigel [40] .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.reth.2019.11.004 pmid:31970266 pmcid:PMC6961757 fatcat:z2vifgdfi5fbzpvp2llxjjdv74

The reductivity of spherical curves Part II: 4-gons [article]

Yui Onoda, Ayaka Shimizu
2017 arXiv   pre-print
The reductivity of a spherical curve represents how reduced the spherical curve is. It is unknown if there exists a spherical curve whose reductivity is four. In this paper we give an unavoidable set for spherical curves with reductivity four by considering 4-gons.
arXiv:1603.07811v2 fatcat:plbxzswuxzhcfnyitvoezmziya

Characterization ofLegionella pneumophilaIsolated from Environmental Water and Ashiyu Foot Spa

Masato Tachibana, Masaya Nakamoto, Yui Kimura, Takashi Shimizu, Masahisa Watarai
2013 BioMed Research International  
Hot springs are the most common infectious source ofLegionella pneumophilain Japan. However, little is known about the association betweenL. pneumophilaand environmental waters other than hot springs. In this study, water samples from 22 environmental water sites were surveyed; of the 22 samples, five wereL. pneumophilapositive (23%).L. pneumophilawas mainly isolated from ashiyu foot spas, a type of hot spring for the feet (3/8, 38%). These isolates had genetic loci or genes that encoded the
more » ... ulence factors ofL. pneumophila. Moreover, these isolates showed higher intracellular growth and stronger cytotoxicity compared with the reference strain. These results suggest that ashiyu foot spa can be the original source forL. pneumophilainfection.
doi:10.1155/2013/514395 pmid:23956987 pmcid:PMC3728520 fatcat:azc45xx3sjgvrlym3tw5kvb52i

Evaluation of Superselective Intra-Arterial Chemotherapy for Laryngeal Cancer

Kazuo Sakurai, Hisayuki Kato, Tatsuyoshi Okada, Takehiro Yui, Masako Shimizu
2013 Koutou (THE LARYNX JAPAN)  
We performed clinical examination about the usefulness of the superselective intra-arterial chemotherapy for laryngeal cancer. The study group was composed 12 cases of glottic cancer and 9 with supraglottic cancer. Chemotherapy was performed through a catheter inserted into the superior thyroid artery via the forearm artery. The dose of cisplatin was 100 mg/body per infusion session. A radiotherapy doses of 60Gy was performed in all cases. All cases of glottic cancer exhibited a complete
more » ... e (CR); however, there was local recurrence in two cases. While the survival rate was 100 % , the laryngeal preservation rate was 83% .Eight cases of supraglottis cancer demonstrated CR, but one case had partial response (PR) . Cervical lymph node recurrence was observed in two cases. The survival rate and the laryngeal preservation rate were 88% . Grade3 mucositis was observed in 12 cases. Superselective intra-arterial chemotherapy for laryngeal cancer was found to be one of the more effective treatments in larynx preservation.
doi:10.5426/larynx.25.91 fatcat:v6cdeiexkzgenldkozjt73sq7a

Self-Assembly and Subsequent Accumulation of Lipid Nanotubes at Oil/Water Interfaces

Hiroharu YUI, Daisuke SAWADA, Shoko KAMIYA, Tsuguo SAWADA, Toshimi SHIMIZU
2004 Analytical Sciences  
We utilized oil/water interfaces as a new field to produce lipid nanotubes (LNTs), which are formed by the self-assembly of lipid molecules, and possess hollow nanometer-wide cylindrical structures. Compared to the self-assembling field in bulk water, oil/water interfaces produced shorter lipids nanotubes less than 10 µm long more efficiently. In addition, we found that the oil/water interface accumulates lipid nanotubes spontaneously. This methodology is favorable to fabricate LNTs as new
more » ... fluidic devices, or sensors that require accumulation and alignment in two dimensions.
doi:10.2116/analsci.20.1549 pmid:15566148 fatcat:ltsuacerkzejxfoqcxf4wzeiei

Adaptive light: a lighting control method aligned with dark adaptation of human vision

Yui Takemura, Masaharu Ito, Yushi Shimizu, Keiko Okano, Toshiyuki Okano
2020 Scientific Reports  
Adaptive light: a lighting control method aligned with dark adaptation of human vision Yui takemura 1 , Masaharu ito 1 , Yushi Shimizu 1 , Keiko okano 1 & toshiyuki okano 1,2* Light exposure before sleep  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41598-020-68119-7 pmid:32641723 fatcat:jxevbk7bznadvolvnkb6gfobva

Nutritional assessment tool for predicting sarcopenia in chronic liver disease

Tatsunori Hanai, Makoto Shiraki, Kayoko Nishimura, Yui Ogiso, Kenji Imai, Atsushi Suetsugu, Koji Takai, Masahito Shimizu
2021 JCSM Rapid Communications  
Subjective global assessment (SGA) and Royal Free Hospital-global assessment (RFH-GA) are clinically useful for assessing malnutrition. This study aimed to investigate the relationship between sarcopenia, which predicts poor clinical outcomes in patients with chronic liver disease (CLD), and these two methods. Methods This retrospective study included 240 consecutive patients admitted to our hospital between October 2011 and January 2014. Sarcopenia and RFH-GA were evaluated using
more » ... measurements and computed tomography-based skeletal muscle area. The primary outcome was whether nutritional assessment methods could predict sarcopenia. In addition, factors associated with sarcopenia and mortality were evaluated. Results The median age was 70 years, 67% were men, and 17% had sarcopenia. Malnourished patients assessed by SGA (P = 0.02) and RFH-GA (P < 0.001) had a significantly higher prevalence of sarcopenia than did well-nourished patients. After adjustment for age, sex, aetiology, and albumin, multivariate analysis revealed that RFH-GA, but not SGA, was a significant predictor of sarcopenia [odds ratio, 2.47; 95% confidence interval (CI), 1.15-5.33]. During a median follow-up of 2.7 years, 113 patients died. The overall survival rates were significantly lower in malnourished patients assessed by SGA (P < 0.001) and RFH-GA (P < 0.001) than in well-nourished patients. Multivariate analysis revealed that RFH-GA [hazard ratio (HR), 1.51; 95% CI, 1.02-2.23] and SGA (HR, 1.99; 95% CI, 1.19-3.32) were independently associated with mortality. Conclusions Royal Free Hospital-global assessment is a simple bedside screening tool for identifying sarcopenia and predicting mortality in patients with CLD.
doi:10.1002/rco2.40 fatcat:r6zblgq5dngldperw7hw2x7e2e

Favorable effects of dietary intervention by registered dietitians in the palliative care unit: A report from an acute care hospital

Yasuro Kato, Mami Fukuhara, Minako Takakura, Yuina Kuroda, Yui Ishida, Kei Shimizu, Sayuki Shimizu, Sawako Ozaki, Yuko Umemoto, Hisae Morikawa
2020 Tenri Medical Bulletin  
doi:10.12936/tenrikiyo.23-017 fatcat:udqfsdlngjd63alx5zj7j6jrqu

Prolyl Isomerase Pin1 Directly Regulates Calcium/Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase II Activity in Mouse Brains

Taiki Shimizu, Kenta Kanai, Yui Sugawara, Chiyoko Uchida, Takafumi Uchida
2018 Frontiers in Pharmacology  
It has been reported that Pin1 promotes the dephosphorylation of tau (Landrieu et al., 2011) and stabilizes microtubules via phosphorylated tau (Lu et al., 1999; Shimizu et al., 2017) .  ...  The cells were grown in 5% CO 2 at 37 • C, and transfected with the following plasmids as previously demonstrated (Shimizu et al., 2016) : Pin1 WT, Pin1 mutant W34A (WW mutant: Pin1 without WW domain  ... 
doi:10.3389/fphar.2018.01351 pmid:30532705 pmcid:PMC6265371 fatcat:3g5q27i34bgw7gb7ow3kvieksy

NK Cells Can Preferentially Target Prostate Cancer Stem-like Cells via the TRAIL/DR5 Signaling Pathway

Taiga Seki, Yui Shimizu, Kyota Ishii, Yuzuki Takahama, Kazunori Kato, Tomohiro Yano
2021 Biomolecules  
The occurrence of androgen-dependent prostate cancer mainly depends on prostate cancer stem cells. To reduce the risk of androgen-dependent prostate cancer, the direct elimination of prostate cancer stem cells is important, but an elimination strategy has not yet been established. A previous study showed that natural killer (NK) cells can preferentially target cancer stem cells in several solid tumors except prostate cancer. In this context, this study was undertaken to investigate if NK cells
more » ... an selectively attack androgen-dependent prostate cancer stem cells. Methods: Prostate cancer stem-like cells were separated from an androgen-dependent prostate cancer cell line (LNCaP) using a three-dimensional culture system. LNCaP stem-like cells or LNCaP cells were co-cultured with human NK cells (KHYG-1) for 24–72 h, and cell viability was determined using the WST-8 method. The expression of each protein in the cell membrane was evaluated through FACS analysis, and mRNA levels were determined using real-time PCR. Results: KHYG-1 cells had more potent cytotoxicity against LNCaP stem-like cells than LNCaP cells, and the potency of the cytotoxicity was strongly related to the TRAIL/DR5 cell death pathway. Conclusion: NK cells can preferentially target prostate cancer stem-like cells via the TRAIL/DR5 pathway.
doi:10.3390/biom11111702 pmid:34827699 pmcid:PMC8615937 fatcat:rrwgz7raovdujfwikdrrmbd42y

Preventing Dementia Using Saffron, The Kampo Medicine, Kamiuntanto, and Their Combination, Kamiuntantokabankoka

Kenny Kuchta, Kosuke Aritake, Yoshihiro Urade, Nguyen Huu Tung, Chun-Su Yuan, Yui Sasaki, Koichi Shimizu, Yukihiro Shoyama
2022 Frontiers in Pharmacology  
The objective of this review is to evaluate the anti-dementia activities of saffron and its combination with Kampo medicine. The Kampo formula Kamiuntanto composed of 13 crude drugs is well known for its anti-dementia activity. A significant increase in choline acetyltransferase activity and mRNA levels were observed. Polygala radix was identified as the most essential component drug in Kamiuntanto, probably due to the saponins, tenuifolin, and sinapinic acid. Ginseng was also identified as an
more » ... ssential Kamiuntanto component in terms of its synergistic functions with Polygala radix. Saffron, which was recommended in the Bencao Gangmu for memory and dementia, and is used as an anti-spasmodic, anti-catarrhal, and sedative herbal drug. Saffron and its major constituent, crocin were shown to enhance learning-memory, non-rapid eye movement (rem) sleep, and inhibit depression and neuronal cell death due to strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation activities. In addition based on the epidemiological studies such as the treatment of sleeping disorders and the clinical trials of saffron for Alzheimer patients, we demonstrated the indirect and direct anti-dementia activities of crocin and saffron.
doi:10.3389/fphar.2021.779821 pmid:35310894 pmcid:PMC8931200 fatcat:ryedxgl4nrcsnoi2oe6pbkhf6y

Falcon, Falco peregrinus artificial nest use case in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture: Verification of effectiveness with sensor camera

Kaname KAIHARA, Yasushi NOGUCHI, Shinichi SHIMIZU, Masatoshi YUI
2021 Ecology and Civil Engineering  
2) ,Masatoshi YUI 3) : Falcon, Falco peregrinus artificial nest use case in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture: Verification of effectiveness with sensor camera.  ...  野口 泰司 1) ・清水 信一 2) ・由井 正敏 3) 1)東北緑化環境保全株式会社 〒980-0014 宮城県仙台市青葉区本町 2-5-1 2)東北電力株式会社 〒980-8550 宮城県仙台市青葉区本町 1-7-1 3)東北鳥類研究所 〒020-0611 岩手県滝沢市巣子 152-137Kaname KAIHARA 1 ) * , Yasushi NOGUCHI 1) , Shinichi SHIMIZU  ... 
doi:10.3825/ece.21-00013 fatcat:strhoc7lxjbntckriysbksbrgy

Studies of the Cross-Allergenicity of Compositae Pollens(I)

Yasuo Yui, Takaharu Shimizu, Yukiyoshi Yanagihara, Takao Shida
1977 Arerugi = [Allergy]  
, Takaharu Shimizu, Ytikiyeshi Yanag;hara and Takao Shida Natlonal Sagamihara Hospital and Research Center for Rheumate-AiIergologv The cross-allergenicity of ComPositae po11ens was investigated using  ...  has been estabilshed that TsF ls a product of genes mapped in I・J subregion of majoT histacompatlbility complex, an atternpt was }t:tgg StudiesoftheCross-AllergenicityofCoinPositaePollens<I) Yasuo Yui  ... 
doi:10.15036/arerugi.26.817 fatcat:p23bzgkgrva7djhbxwcsfjzjim

Tophaceous Gout in the Cervical Spine

Motohisa Yamamoto, Tetsuya Tabeya, Yoshiharu Masaki, Chisako Suzuki, Yasuyoshi Naishiro, Keisuke Ishigami, Hidetaka Yajima, Yui Shimizu, Mikiko Obara, Hiroyuki Yamamoto, Toshiaki Sugaya, Hiroki Takahashi (+2 others)
2012 Internal medicine (Tokyo. 1992)  
A 58-year-old woman with a three-year progressive history of chronic arthritis, had become disabled due to general malaise and fever. Her laboratory data revealed hyperuricemia and elevated levels of C-reactive protein. Neither rheumatoid factor nor anti-citrullinated peptide antibodies were present. We diagnosed her with tophaceous gout with uric crystalline revealed by the arthrocentesis of the elbow. 99m Tc scintigraphy also disclosed a significant uptake in the cervical spine. The CT of the
more » ... patient's cervical spine revealed significant bone erosion and destruction. We diagnosed the cervical involvement of gout based on the exclusion of infections and sarcoidosis. Rheumatologists should be aware of this rare association.
doi:10.2169/internalmedicine.51.6262 pmid:22293812 fatcat:aqgax3arlbdd3ftumb7uf5pgre

Clinicopathological Study on Oral Leukoplakia

Hiroyo SHIMIZU, Yoichi KURACHI, Yoshiko CHIN, Kumie YUI, Masako NAKAMURA, Masao NAGUMO
1999 Journal of Japanese Society for Oral Mucous Membrane  
Key words: Oral leukoplakia, Epithelial dysplasia, WHO's criteria Reprint requests to Hiroyo SHIMIZU, Secondo Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 2-1-1 Kitasenzoku, Ohta-ku.  ... 
doi:10.6014/jjomm1995.5.74 fatcat:ycggjasr3be2lkvskxdprhm4gm
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