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Bi-Functional Paraffin@Polyaniline/TiO2/PCN-222(Fe) Microcapsules for Solar Thermal Energy Storage and CO2 Photoreduction

Wenchang Sun, Yueming Hou, Xu Zhang
2021 Nanomaterials  
The as-prepared bi-functional MEPCM as the temperature regulating building materials and air purification medium will stimulate a potential application.  ...  A novel type of bi-functional microencapsulated phase change material (MEPCM) microcapsules with thermal energy storage (TES) and carbon dioxide (CO2) photoreduction was designed and fabricated.  ...  Herein, a novel bi-functional MEPCMs consisting of a paraffin core and a PCN-222(Fe)/titanium dioxide/polyaniline hybrid shell was prepared for solar photocatalysis and thermal storage.  ... 
doi:10.3390/nano12010002 pmid:35009951 pmcid:PMC8746944 fatcat:jjghao2s25csxcwsocqln4w5qy

Convergence of very weak solutions to A-Dirac equations in Clifford analysis

Yueming Lu, Hui Bi
2015 Advances in Difference Equations  
© 2015 Lu and Bi.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s13662-015-0555-y fatcat:bnrsjlacbvagva3apvswsco27a

Dynamic pricing of network goods in duopoly markets with boundedly rational consumers

Kok Lay Teo, Yueming Man, Wenjie Bi, Xinxing Luo, Haiying Liu
2016 Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization  
In this paper, we present a dynamic pricing model for two firms selling products displaying network effects for which consumers are with bounded rationality. We formulate this model in the form of differential games and derive the open-loop equilibrium prices for the firms. Then, we show the existence and uniqueness of such open-loop equilibrium prices. The model is further extended to the case with heterogeneous network effects. Their steady-state prices obtained are compared. A numerical
more » ... le is solved and the results obtained are used to analyze how the steady-state prices and market shares of both firms are influenced by the cost, price sensitivity and the network effects of the products. 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification. Primary: 91A80; Secondary: 91A23. will know the quality of the goods only after using it. Moreover, there are consumer segmentations for an online game, such as experts, amateurs and beginners. They have different level of sensitivity to network effects. So, the utility of a consumer purchasing an online game depends on his/her preference gained from learning, the price and the heterogeneous network effects. We will model this utility in Section 3. Recently, a rapid growth in information technology has enabled many firms to monitor the demand of their products in real time and adjust prices dynamically in response to the changes in demand patters (Levin, McGill, and Nediak [27]). Many retailers are now re-examining their pricing policies and exploring means of implementing dynamic pricing approaches that are more responsive to consumer demand (Elmaghraby and Keskinoacak [18], Herbon [22] , Khouja [25]). Hence, it is of great significance for firms to incorporate network effects and consumer s learning behavior into their pricing policies in order to attract more consumers and hence attain more profits. Nowadays, many pricing models of network goods are assumed to be in a monopolistic market. In this way, explicit consideration of competitors can be avoided. However, pure monopolistic market or pure competitive market is rarely observed in reality. So the analysis of oligopolistic, especially duopolistic dynamic pricing of network goods is required. The remainder of the paper is organized as follows: Section 2 provides a brief review of related literatures. In Section 3, the basic model is formulated. We analyze the equilibrium of our model in Section 4. We then extend it to the case with heterogeneous network effects in Section 5. We perform numerical examples in Section 6 and make some useful concluding remarks in Section 7. 2. Literature review. Following seminal works by Farrell and Saloner [19] , and Katz and Shapiro [24], network effects have been extensively studied in the economics literature (Damiano and Hao [11], Ellison and Fudenberg [16], and see Economides [15] for a more detailed review). Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of network effects, global network effects and local network effects. The main difference is which one causes the consumer s utility to increase. The former one means that a consumer s utility for a good depends on the total consumption while the later one means that a consumer gains his/her utility if his/her neighbour purchases the same good (Bloch and Querou [5], Candogan, Bimpikis, and Ozdaglar [8]). In our model, we consider only global network effects. Monopoly dynamic pricing models for network goods have been studied in the literature (Cabral, Salant, and Woroch [7]). For example, Bensaid and Lesne [4] consider pricing for a monopolist with goods that display positive network externalities and show that subperfect game equilibrium prices go up as time passes. Dhebar and Oren [12] study the optimal dynamic pricing of a new product or service in the presence of network effects. This work maximizes the present value of the monopolist s profit where the dynamics is the demand for network access. However, our model maximizes the discounted total profits of both firms. More recently, Radner, Radunskaya, and Sundararajan [29] consider dynamic pricing of network goods when facing boundedly rational consumers, which is in contrast with the standard notion of a rational-expectation equilibrium. In their model, only a random fraction of consumers, called inattentive consumers (Gabaix [20] [21]), pays attention to the price change in each period. However, pure monopoly rarely exists in real market. So optimal pricing under competition has received considerable attention recently (Ellison, Fuderberg and Mbius [17], Xu and Cai [31], Zhang, Bai and Tang [32]). Furthermore, Anderson
doi:10.3934/jimo.2016025 fatcat:e7grfp27gjdqjmkvb6gwmiahoe

Page 274 of The American Journal of the Medical Sciences Vol. 192, Issue 2 [page]

1936 The American Journal of the Medical Sciences  
yueme}dui0o Yysely "UOT HYIP ( yT OV T ul SISA[OUIOY aqajduoouy ia) Qaim uoTlnyIp O00'e oO} I ul SIs {jouleYy ajojdu uy juguIe,|d U0, ) JO "ON 307 uoTy BI }uWoW yd ) LUKENS > \y 000° O17] 000°9 OF 1 000  ... 

Page 230 of Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery Vol. 9, Issue 2 [page]

1927 Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery  
‘uoT}e}UBTdsUBIy aU0G pus 1OUIN} JO UOT}BI[ONUS JeyJe SIBAA UBAVS [JOM St juotjed oy], “UayB} 19M SABI-X 9Soq} d10Jaq shep uo} vovid yoo} aanjoeay [wolsojoyyed ayy pus "BSOIQY ST}1a}s0 ‘Aanful Jud001 B  ...  Ja}Je JaB1v] oUIBOIqG IOUINY [][eUIS aysAoAjod jo souvseodde ssoiz oy} ey, “ysA0 9U0q paeywoIpur Jjosyt sIyy, ‘sawod ‘ys£o au0q SI SIUT, ‘S}sAO polfem-yjJoows AuvuUl ud} JO} Zuyjeams B pey ‘9z pose ‘yuemed  ... 

Page 199 of American Veterinary Medical Association. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association Vol. 31, Issue 2 [page]

1907 American Veterinary Medical Association. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association  
JIYIINY JO JUBA IO} POS 9O1A -1as poos jo sivak 9914) 19 V ‘umouy jou asne> ‘skep £ urjooy a4} Jo SuiySnojg ‘sysom € s9ye auog uyjoo ay} jo sInpRILy ‘potied ainue BY} DDIAIIS poor) §‘“asN A9qVANY jo yueM  ...  ‘JIANG *pjo savak $1 “BuIppeyn *as104 WSnvp Aavoyzy "pro savod $1 “WONT [BIS ‘asioy yysnviq “pro sivaf o1 “Burpiey ‘as10y WBneip Aavoyzy] *savak g ‘Burplesy *9s10y wySneip 1431] sivak § “Bulpley| *asi0y  ... 

Three-dimensional activated graphene network–sulfonate-terminated polymer nanocomposite as a new electrode material for the sensitive determination of dopamine and heavy metal ions

Xiaoyan Yuan, Yijia Zhang, Lu Yang, Wenfang Deng, Yueming Tan, Ming Ma, Qingji Xie
2015 The Analyst  
Photolithographically fabricated Bi sputtered electrode 1 0.5 S12 Bi-plated carbon paste mini-electrodes 0.1 0.2 S13 Bi-powder modified carbon paste electrode 1.2 0.9 S14 Bi-modified zeolite doped carbon  ...  /3DAGNs-STP/GCE 0.1 0.2 This work Bi-coated carbon electrodes 0.3 S8 Bi nano-powder electrode 0.15 0.07 S9 Bi/poly(p-aminobenzene sulfonic acid) film electrode 0.63 0.8 S10 Nafion/2  ... 
doi:10.1039/c4an02263g pmid:25611429 fatcat:zlmctm3ydfgz3f56nmv5xivbki

Asymmetric Hydroformylation of Styrene Catalyzed by Pyranoside Diphosphite-Rh(I) Complexes

Xiaojing JIA, Lailai WANG, Albert S.C. CHAN, Yueming LI
2007 Chinese Journal of Catalysis  
. , , [ 10 ~ 16] -(BI-NAPHOS) [ 17, 18] . , BINAPHOS , - BINAPHOS . , CO . , , 91 % 97∶ 3 / [ 14, 15] . , , , 88 % [ 19] . , . , ( R) -2- .  ...  In the case of the mat ching combination of pheny l -3 , 6-anhydro-β-D-glucopy ranoside and binaphthy l moiet y , 4-bis{ [ ( S)-1 , 1′ -binapht hyl-2 , 2′ -diyl] -phosphite} -phenyl -3 , 6-anhydro-β-D-gluco-pyranoside  ... 
doi:10.1016/s1872-2067(07)60042-4 fatcat:ishdfjvun5gr5pbmqqhtshivzm

Page 603 of British Critic, and Quarterly Theological Review Vol. 8, Issue [page]

1817 British Critic, and Quarterly Theological Review  
Our author says, that bis compa- nions were much struck with the wretched appearance of the Chinese ; but that, compared with the same class in other Asia- tic countries, he should feel disposed to say  ...  At the village of Sang-yuem, where the Embassy halted for a day, they had. the pleasure of hearing a band of blind musicians, An old man was the prin- cipal performer ; the instrament upon which be played  ... 

Page 65 of JAMA Internal Medicine Vol. 96, Issue 1 [page]

1955 JAMA Internal Medicine  
LasBa1Iep A[MO[S 0} panuNy -100 SSBUI {peAIZsqO SBM AUIOJSO[OI punolBe JuRApENdb JOMO] JJ9[ Ul SSBUI JO aZIS Ul asBa1IEp [[BUIS "YM E IAIJ VY Adviaq} JO Josuo JayjB SARp ge Pap pueB [IquMOp A[PA[SSe1FOId YUEM  ...  0} Peprap sBuM 4I SARDP OF JayyB > Adesaq) upAwoind ZuLnp uonlpuos ul eFueyo [RIQUesse ON AdBIIyYOUBYY JO Jesuo Jaqye sABp gz Apnys 0} 4SO, pus Ad¥iey}) Jey oUR 0} pesuvyo jueed tuo Ipuod Ul 8AuBYD [BI  ... 

Page 329 of Memoirs of Literature Vol. 2, Issue 36 [page]

1712 Memoirs of Literature  
Paul was above Three Days in bis Journey to Heaven. Tt ger  ...  Si yuem infanabilis male uxoris calamitas V0« lente Deo opprefit, non illud dicat : Uxor, vade foras, aut moribus utere noftris.  ... 

Page 540 of International Labour Review Vol. 73, Issue 5 [page]

1956 International Labour Review  
Byxeaamepcxudl yuem 6 npomouusaennocmu. Moscow, Tocdunuspar, 1955. 408 pp. 10.30 roubles. A study of stock taking in industry, by S.  ...  This is a record of proceedings of one of the six conferences, held in June 1954, in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of Columbia University in New York, Under the bi-centennial theme : “ Man’s Right  ... 

Page 399 of The Journal of Chemical Physics Vol. 10, Issue 6 [page]

1942 The Journal of Chemical Physics  
.)= > YueM,, mi, 2, ---, n=—1 where the y’s and P(z,) are known, if somewhat unwieldy, functions of \ and z,,, and hence im- plicitly of \ alone. TaBLe I. Zeros of F(z).  ...  F(zn) =0; 21=a1+%81; 22=01— 181; 23=a3+1B3; 24=a3— 1B3. »N a Bi a3 Bs 10 1.90 5.45 3.45 11.91 15 1.46 5.52 3.03 11.99 20 1.12 5.61 2.73 12.04 25 .87 5.68 2.50 12.07 30 .56 5.73 2.31 12.10 34.8 0 5.76 40  ... 

Page 628 of American Society of Civil Engineers. Collected Journals Vol. 129, Issue 6 [page]

2003 American Society of Civil Engineers. Collected Journals  
In that case, Eq. (1) simplifies to E yuem= LE; ,E,,:-+, Ese) (2) For easy visualization, it is useful to think of E; (E;) as the state of failure (survival) of component i and E as the state of failure  ...  puted by the use of uni- and bi-component probabilities and are compared with the “exact”? Monte Carlo solution. Formulation of System Reliability Consider a system having n components.  ... 

Page 831 of JAMA Surgery Vol. 11, Issue 6 [page]

1925 JAMA Surgery  
0B + :sjsousuIp AIO JVIOGE’T UOlRBVUlUIexXe o/doos -O1O{ur OU snd U] Puno se;poq inqd[ng 4 peaaoiduy ‘yuvuZeid jueyed ‘yuem -48013 ABI-U93}UI01 JozJB puUNOoy san -uei3s iImgdins ‘sjsooAutouyjoe ‘y10der  ...  qer0qe T A£10MOIq Ul Ja10Qe’T Jour JOULIv A JOULIVg uBUIse[es SulpaavLy, 3 uonedna99 Pp r) P Pp é esy xeg peaoiduly punoy ssdf{mouly—y SaSVO GaHSITand LInosst uoLsel AVI SyooM G -[[xBUIgns Jo] UO[Zal [BI  ... 
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