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The Ch'ou-Jen Chuan of Yüan Yüan

Yoshio Mikami
1928 Isis  
Father VAN HEE’s remarks on the Supplement of Cuu Kf-Pao ee Pe THE CH’OU-JEN CHUAN OF YUAN YUAN 125 also seem open to serious question.  ...  It should also be observed that YUaN YUAN passed the examina- tion mentioned at the age of twenty-five instead of thirty-five. (*) The writer wishes to acknowledge his indebtedness to Professor Davip EuGENE  ... 
doi:10.1086/346359 fatcat:cpolprj7knfctcoyksk644zbeq

The Ch'ou=Jen Chuan of Yuan Yuan

Pere Louis Van Hee, Frances Marguerite Clarke, Anna Elizabeth Houghtaling
1926 Isis  
THE CH'OU-JEN CHUAN OF YUAN YUAN 113 5. The arithmetic of Sun tzi (Sun (829)-tzi* (1030) Suan‘ (833)- king* (404), 6.  ...  THE CH’OU-JEN CHUAN OF YUAN YUAN 109 traced to Hindu, Arabic, or European origin.. Consider, for example, the following contributions and sources (20) : 1.  ... 
doi:10.1086/358355 fatcat:raw3i33km5a65jlgfmat5d56d4

Envisioning Yuan Ming Yuan (Garden of Perfect Brightness)

Lifeng Wang, Xing Xing, C. Wang
2000 IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications  
Research on Yuan Ming Yuan Decades of work by scholars in China and the rest of the world has produced much research material on Yuan Ming Yuan.  ...  The most famous paintings are the "Forty Views of Yuan Ming Yuan," which show the most famous forty scenes of Yuan Ming Yuan from an overview perspective.  ... 
doi:10.1109/38.814532 fatcat:veu3y2r4fveyzm76goc66uwqge

The Five Yuan

Shi Shuqing
2003 China Perspectives  
They cost six yuan, and she only had one yuan left. 53 Her heart fell when she heard this, and she was in such a quandary she didn't know what to say. 54 "Will you be buying anything else?"  ...  to the ahong and 10 yuan to everyone else, young and old, men and women, even babes-in-arms.  ... 
doi:10.4000/chinaperspectives.237 fatcat:gmdvagfapnby7ogboxpp3e22vy

Notes on the Dai–Yuan–Yuan modified spectral gradient method

Yunhai Xiao, Qiuyu Wang, Dong Wang
2010 Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics  
To the best of our knowledge, the first choice of stepsize with function value information is due to Dai, Yuan, and Yuan (hereafter DYY) [10] , in which the choice of stepsize is deduced from the viewpoint  ... 
doi:10.1016/ fatcat:3k7yotpwgzf73anmwuwqo6zjva

The Hanlin Yuan

W. A. P. Martin
1874 North American Review  
the latter empty ; the The Hanlin Yuan.  ...  In the Chinese Academy the newly initiated has the proud The Hanlin Yuan.  ... 

Pei Yuan Lou

ED Chavannes
1894 T'oung pao (Print)  
LXXX, p. 5 v°) que 1'empereur Hiao-yuan (48-38 av. J.-C.) eut trois fils ; 1'imp?  ...  en-1) Le Yuan ho kiun hit?s tche (entre 806 et 814 p. C.) de Li Ki-fou place cette tombe A 12 li i l'Ouest de Hax-tax.  ... 
doi:10.1163/156853204x00466 fatcat:ell2yfi5jvey7lknchjvabgc6i

Pei Yuan Lou

ED Chavannes
1900 T'oung pao (Print)  
L'encrier chinois est une simple pierre à rebords sur laquelle on delaie 1'encre. 2) A 16 li à l'Ouest de Han-tan d'après le Yuan ho kiun hien tche.  ...  LXXX, p. 5 v°) que l'empereur Hiao-yuan av. J.-C.) eut trois fils; l'imp6ratrice Wang 3: enfanta celui qui fut l'empereur Hiao- tch"eng Tchao-yi t.  ... 
doi:10.1163/156853204x00105 fatcat:ps63xjx37zcdlhdsb7rugwosmi

Profile of Junying Yuan

Jennifer Viegas
2019 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America  
Yuan attended Fudan University, where she majored in biochemistry.  ...  Today, Yuan is Harvard's Elizabeth D. Hay Professor of Cell Biology.  ... 
doi:10.1073/pnas.1906915116 pmid:31110005 pmcid:PMC6575570 fatcat:jnwveocgz5emfnkkftdr7c4uiq

La valeur du yuan

Antoine Bouveret, Sana Mestiri, Henri Sterdyniak
2006 Revue de l'OFCE (En ligne)  
La deuxième partie présente et critique les évaluations du taux de change d'équilibre du yuan selon différentes méthodes.  ...  Les autorités améri- caines soutiennent que la Chine manipule son taux de change tandis que la majorité des travaux empiriques estiment que le yuan est sous-évalué de 15 à 30 %.  ...  Le taux de change du yuan: un instrument pour impulser le développement La monnaie de la Chine est le renminbi (RMB), son unité de compte est le yuan.  ... 
doi:10.3917/reof.098.127 fatcat:sudcqo7hnne3plotze7tbpbasa

Biographie de Jouàn Yuân

A. Vissière
1894 T'oung pao (Print)  
n Yuan consacra 10.000 ta6ls 'aux d4- penses de ?  ...  Dans le courant de la sixi6me lune, Jouan Yuan se rendit du #k iB tché 2).  ... 
doi:10.1163/156853204x00673 fatcat:s3wri634rreftm7m5ldpeomy6m

The Late Yuan Shih-K'ai

Gilbert Reid
1916 The Journal of Race Development  
Yuan had won the strong viceroys, Chang Chih-tung and Liu K'un-yi. Yuan Shih k'ai, in days of great conservatism, was a reformer.  ...  Among them was Yuan Shih-k'ai. The questions asked Dr. Richard by young Mr. Yuan showed him the most keen and prac? tical of all those who were present.  ... 
doi:10.2307/29738182 fatcat:nwfglojsyzcubmiiudvivx3ggi

Lloyd, Babiker, and Yuan Reply:

Sophia Lloyd, Mohamed Babiker, Jun Yuan
2013 Physical Review Letters  
Sophia Lloyd, Mohamed Babiker, and Jun Yuan Department of Physics University of York York YO10 5DD, United Kingdom  ...  Lloyd, Babiker, and Yuan Reply: In the preceding Comment [1] , Schattschneider, Löffler, and Verbeeck (SLV) raise some objections to the results and conclusions in our Letter [2] .  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.110.189502 pmid:23683250 fatcat:jm3iyokkwna5jkd7maqhuegmfi

Comment on Yuan et al [article]

Fan Wang, T. Goldman
2000 arXiv   pre-print
The work of Yuan et al. (Phys. Rev.  ...  Approaches such as that of Yuan et al. [1] and similarly those of Thomas et al. [5] or Wilets et al.  ...  Yuan et al. also criticize the manner in which we use a nonrelativistic form of the confinement potential. However, as we have explained in Ref.  ... 
arXiv:nucl-th/0001019v1 fatcat:z3tqaxnckbhhlannrb6pz6upc4

Impact Of Chinas Yuan Revaluation

William Pan, Kamal Upadhyaya, Jiayaan Liang
2011 International Business & Economics Research Journal  
On July 21, 2005, Peoples Bank of China announced that the Chinese Yuan is no long pegged solely to the U.S. dollar, instead, the Yuan is now linked to a basket of currencies, including Dollar, the Euro  ...  Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and others have put pressure on China to abandon her peg the Chinese Yuan to the U.S. Dollar. These efforts finally succeed.  ...  Temporary shift to floating system. 2003 Calls for Yuan revaluation. 9 th year 1973 Floating exchange rate system. 2005 July, 21, de-pegging Yuan-Dollar Yuan revaluation begins. 16 th year 1980  ... 
doi:10.19030/iber.v5i11.3527 fatcat:zypeal54xfdsjphbarzg6zh354
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